I am going to be starting Digital Marketing in Australia, with only 4 months experience(US)

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Hello Everyone,

To provide some context, I am a Business Developer for a Digital Marketing firm in the UK, we work on CoReg, CPL and a CPA basis in the UK, US and AU, my primary job is to bring in new offers and campaigns for our owned media sites in the US, however, I have been asked to change geos to apply my focus to AU as that is where we need improving the most.

Now, I am in no means experienced in digital marketing, in fact, I am still an amateur, every day I am learning new things about the industry, a different acronym(too many acronyms...) or learning which company owns the 50 or so websites I am researching.

Going to work the Geo Australia however would be a big change, I am looking for advice from anyone working in AU already, with some basic facts like, who is the biggest players in the industry at the moment, from basic research I understand Cohort to be the biggest at the moment, but if someone can correct me, thats great! Which verticals are popular, what are some laws that apply there but not in the US or even UK etc, basically, I need a "Digital Marketing in AU for dummies,"

Any advice or feedback is appreciated!
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    A couple of the resources you can use to research what is going on in at least my area which is Queensland are Digital Brisbane - https://www.digitalbrisbane.com.au and the Regional Development Australia RDA - Both of these are Government related but would help you identify some of the players within the industry in Australia.

    RDA puts on a Digital Expo each year which draws a lot of providers and businesses into one place. That Expo is called CLICK - you can find their details on the RDA website - This is the brisbane link but you can also look wider. https://www.rdabrisbane.org.au

    If you look at who is exhibiting and presenting at the Expos and their messaging you can get a good idea of who is doing what.

    Best regards,

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    Get this training course, its from the WF - it's how to start a digital marketing agency.

    Warrior Forum Unique Deal - The Agency Bootcamp

    Unless I've got things confused, at 2:30am in the morning.
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    Along with these resources, keep reading, learning, building friendships and getting connecting. Building those connections opens many doors for you and your agency.
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here
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    As much as references you create and as long as you first know core need of all paper work you will be good to go. I had setup a firm in Thailand with my friend couple years ago and it took me friendship more than documents and my local friend there helped me more than the authorities to setup my work.
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    You are taking very brave decision if you have full confidence on your self then you should go ahead with your decision.

    But before than i would like to give some of my opinion in that which are mentioned below:

    1. Research local market so well.
    2. Build the team of professionals.
    3. Analysis your competitors.
    4. Give smart offers in starting.
    5. Try to impress clients with various offers.
    6. Keep focus only on oriented results.
    7. Don't compromise with professional life.
    8 Understand the requirements of your clients.
    9. Keep you eyes and ear always open in market.
    10. Don't give surety of time period in ranking to anyone.
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