What to do with my site with 150 original articles?

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I have a 3 year old website that I haven't worked on for the past 1 year!
In the 2 years I did work on it, the site would get traffic (200 visits/day).

Now it seems Google has de-ranked the articles and I get no traffic. What do I do now?

I have 150 articles, all original and it seems bloated.

Write new articles? Delete old ones? edit old ones? sell it off?

I'm confused.
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    You could either monetize the site by promoting affiliate products related to your niche and driving traffic yourself.
    - Use Quora: Rather than writing more articles, answer questions related to your niche on Quora. Provide links to your monetized posts in your answers. You can also add your site details in tour Quora profile. I've got some good traffic to some of my sites using this method.
    - Use Pinterest: On Pinterest get to a follower count of 1000 by regularly following others in your niche and repinning interesting articles. Once you hit 1000, apply for Group Boards. Some of them have 1000s of members. Once you get accepted, Pin your own articles/ blog posts on these boards. Use interesting catchy images to Pin your posts. You can make them for free on Canva.com. Keep pinning all your 150 articles multiple times using different Images on multiple boards. Once you reach that stage, you should start seeing a steady increase in traffic to your monetized posts.

    If you don't want to do all this, and want to just sell your site, you could try flipping your website on Flippa.com.

    But I think if the quality of your articles is good, you could build a good income stream through affiliate marketing by doing a little work daily.

    Simple Free Method that took me from Zero to a Six-Figure Income on ClickBank

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    You could make minor changes to those articles so that they can come in google crawling again. Another option is to start more discussion in those articles by sharing them over various popular websites like Quora, Facebook, Twitter etc.
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    Google does not de-rank you. The problem is other competitors rank better than you. My answer is you should do some SEO stuff.
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    Sell it if you're not doing anything with it... Cash in the pocket!
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    Do a restructure of your site. Evaluate each and every post you have on that site.

    Then check what is relevant today. Rewrite or just refurbish everything on your site.

    Then start sharing each post on social media. To your existing list.

    If Google sees activity it will again bring people to your site.

    Also, use the keyword research to come up with interesting titles.

    Make sure that your content is good. More people spend time on your site more will you start getting rankings.

    Remove all junk. It will work.
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    I highly recommended for trying Quora. Because You can get lots of specific traffic from quora. Also it helps to rank in google.
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    You could re-purpose them and use them as email marketing content. Since with email marketing you'll be targeting your best prospects - your leads. And if you want to write more articles, create an easy Wordpress blog and place them there - and rank them.
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