Please help me with my website! And ideas!

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Hi everyone,

So my website is (affiliate website) and I started in like 4 years ago but haven't really done a lot in order to get it off the ground. It is a self help website for men.

I guess the main reason why I haven't done much with it up until now is that I have been really confused and lacked confidence in which where to go with this website.

Here are my concerns:

1) Im unsure as to whether my website is too broad and not niche enough (should it just focus on dating or should I keep it as it is with multiple aspects of a man's life, like money making, getting healthy etc.)

2) Im unsure about the best path to take in order to start making money from my website. Should I just focus on writing quality articles and be sure that they get out there and read? Or what should I be mostly doing?!?!?!?

3) I am worried that my website will get hacked and it will be all for nothing! Is this a good concern to have? What should I do about this?

I'm just feeling a bit lost! I'd really appreciate it if at least one person could give me some advice and a sense of direction!

Thank you very much!

Mitchell White
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    Hire some professionals.
    Have a good looking website.
    The content is absolutely critical. Even if it is about dating, keep the content quality high and it will give you results.
    Hire a full time blogger and make him write blogs for the blog section.
    Use social media to promote your website.
    Use email marketing automation strategies.
    Once the content is good, the traffic will automatically alert various platforms and you might be given ads and stuff to make money.
    Hacking can be prevented via several ways now. You can check them online.
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      I think your concerns are quite understandable, we are most times faced with the question of how to scale our business and get it off the ground. thing keeps us on the right track.....Knowing exactly why our business exist and for who it exist, and then you testing out how to better reach out to this audience..... there are basic security measures to be implemented into a website which are most times sufficient except in cases where you are dealing with large junk of data and confidential data, in this case then you might need to ensure the service of a security expert is employed.
      doing well already .....just keep upgrading your brand consistently. it would eventually soar to greater heights.

      10 trending Professional Courses and Certifications 2019

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      Thanks for sharing the information.
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    What is your ultimate goal? Your goal matters more than everything else.

    If your goal is to make money online then you may or may not need a website.

    If you like writing and you have a few ideas about the kind of things you can help people with then you should have your website or blog.

    In the online world "Kill two birds or in your case multiple birds with one stone does not work."

    The more you can focus on one thing or one niche will work more for you.
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    it could be your niche and target. What I mean is "law of attraction" is a pretty good niche but to target men might be a mistake. When looking at your articles, most men could care less. that is just my opinion though.

    Secondly. You are not collecting email addresses, that should be part of your strategy


    It is true that money can not buy happiness, But it is more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle

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      Thanks. I do have an email sign up though! Did it not appear on your screen?
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    What you're really asking is "How do I do Internet marketing?" which of course is what this forum is all about.

    There are thousands and thousands of people that come to this forum asking exactly the same question.

    If I were you, I would spend some time here going through the archives via the "search" function and read threads related to your questions. You will find lots of answers when you ask one specific question at a time.

    Unlike other posters, I wouldn't spend any money just yet on a web site or other tools, not until you have a better grasp of what you are going to need to get started.

    The very first thing I would suggest is that you clearly catch the vision of who you want to serve online. Who are your ideal targeted prospects? Where can they be found online? What problems, frustrations, irritations, challenges, and dreams do they have? What products and services are they asking for?

    Answers to these questions will help you to define a niche and how you might best position your business (which provides the solutions and answers to the questions above). Focus on just one key thing - one pressing problem or issue that prospects have. You want to work to become the "go to" resource for that one thing. Don't worry, you can always expand your business down the road to incorporate other products or services. Right now, in the beginning, focus on one tightly defined prospect (customer) base and get to know this marketplace inside and out.

    Online market research (your homework) will help you to understand what's out there and where you might enter a marketplace.

    Don't worry yet about what you're going to sell. Focus on the audience and what they want. This is Economics 101, "supply and demand." Find where the existing demand lies before you worry about how you're going to supply that demand.

    The very best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Hey Mitchell,

    It's natural to be nervous when you are starting something new!

    Don't worry, just hang in there and you'll make it through!

    For your 3 concerns:

    1. Your website looks good and has a good appeal to it. Though you could focus on zeroing down to a sub-niche to begin with. My suggestion would be to become a member of some relevant dating forums and ask for advice from some experts there.

    2. There are multiple ways to monetise your website. You could put ads on your website, you could start email marketing, you could create your own product. The list goes on... To begin with focus on building a dedicated visitor base who love the content you share and keep coming back for more. That really is the secret sauce to success.

    3. Hahahahaha.. Don't worry. Your website might or might not get hacked. You can get a good antivirus to protect your website. It would cost you something but it will be beneficial in the long run.

    Well, I must congratulate you for starting the website Bro!

    You have taken the first step! And you surely would find success, how far can she shy away from you!

    All the Best!

    The Digital Mechanic
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    You're in the Personal Development Niche.

    I saw Anik Singal in Lurn has a 'free course' about that Macro Niche.


    of course you need to focus on one vertical: i mean dating is a lot different from making money, which is definately the Internet Marketing Niche.

    So you can choose to have a site about human empowerment, or Alpha Male and set up a set of guides about boost charisma, empower the man itself, etc.

    But in the first instance forget about making money niche.

    It's better in my opinion to focus on as an example be an aplha male: there you can sell courses to dating starting by yourself, your improvement as a person, mindset, and so on...
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    Hi Mitchel,
    You have a good website. I read your articles they have a unique content. This is a first thing to rank any website. For getting better result contact with a professional man and they will help you in promoting your website
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    Like every one has said have a good website and make sure you have unique content . And promote you bussiness.

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    Hi there,
    Here is some advices for your situation:
    - SSL Lost (It's really bad for your SEO and the experience of the clients)
    - The content of these articles is really qualified (I appreciate that) but the organaization of these posts is not attractive.
    - The variety of the website is good. Make sure you have a good connection between the posts to attract the readers move around your website (From one post to the other related posts)
    - In the home page, I think it seems to be a little mess! Just choose the things really important and highlight it!
    - Keep calm and keep going. Hope you will have the nice job!
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    Originally Posted by Mitchell White View Post

    Hi everyone,

    So my website is Home - Attraction boss (affiliate website) and I started in like 4 years ago but haven't really done a lot in order to get it off the ground. It is a self help website for men.

    I guess the main reason why I haven't done much with it up until now is that I have been really confused and lacked confidence in which where to go with this website.

    Here are my concerns:

    1) Im unsure as to whether my website is too broad and not niche enough (should it just focus on dating or should I keep it as it is with multiple aspects of a man's life, like money making, getting healthy etc.)

    2) Im unsure about the best path to take in order to start making money from my website. Should I just focus on writing quality articles and be sure that they get out there and read? Or what should I be mostly doing?!?!?!?

    3) I am worried that my website will get hacked and it will be all for nothing! Is this a good concern to have? What should I do about this?

    I'm just feeling a bit lost! I'd really appreciate it if at least one person could give me some advice and a sense of direction!

    Thank you very much!

    Mitchell White
    1) Yes it is too broad. You have to be specific.
    2) Sort out no. 1 and and then start writing about narrowed down niche. There are many affiliate products available on clickbank in Men related self help area.
    3) Well, any particular reason why you are worried about your site being hacked? I have 7 blogs, and none have been hacked so far. (Touch wood)
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    Focus on website content and update this according to your thinking. Hire a Blogger and get the idea from him how to improve our website ranking. Use social media site and promote your website.
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    As Others said above you have very good website And article with unique content. Lets continue with your thoughts , be positive and don't get panic. Use social media and promote your business. Hope you will have the nice job!
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    You have a good looking website but if you have to many info it could be confusing.
    consentrate on one thing only like for instant DATING a very good niche and profitable aswell.If you go to FIVER.COM you will get all designers writters who can help you with good content.The main reason is traffic you can have a good looking website but if that site can't drive traffic than its a loosing battle.
    Looking to COACH the next 20 people for free.
    Reach out to me if you’re interested in my FREE COACHING PROGRAM!
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    What is the purpose of your website? Your goals?
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    personally, I would dump the domain, at first glance of the domain only, it does not appeal, it is confusing, and it certainly does not lure me in, bad branding can kill your site.

    Once I am on the site, there is nothing new here either, you are using generic topics, a generic theme. If your goal is to focus on generic/general topics, then this will be a dead end for you.

    1: Find an evergreen niche that tends to convert.
    2: Create a solid brand that people wont forget.

    and after that, you have other factors you cant ignore, but I am not going to spell it out...

    good luck
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    I think you have a good website. You have a lot of backlinks and a few good referring domains. You are only ranking for 6 little keywords that aren't giving you much traffic. Your Majestic scores are pretty low. If you want to rank this website you need to do some keyword research and start creating content around those keywords. You also need to do some marketing and even some press releases. It is not an easy task, but with some hard work you can rock this site.

    New To Internet Marketing? Need some Help? check out my free course "Easy Online Marketing" Everything is totally FREE except for website hosting :-) It all starts by taking action

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    I know how you feel when i started out i was also very worried and very unsure as to how i was actually going to make this work. And I found myself scouring the internet for information especially youtube. And i came across a really great youtube channel by the name of Alex Becker. And he helped a lot. But not too much. But one thing he would say was that you need to spend money in order to make money. And it took me quite a while to realize it but eventually, i just said screw it and went to Alex's channel and looked at one of the products he suggested and a product he personally used in his earlier business days. This program was made by a very successful guy by the name of Mario Brown and it definitely helped me grow my business and helped me build
    i direction in my business and then ovuesly how to make money from your site.
    Here is the link to that course:
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    If your goal si to make money with adsertising on your website. Let´s join forces, start all over, let´s build viral websites instead. Let me know what you think. Regards
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    I think your website looks great. Your website has some great ideas for article topics that will definitely get the click. You have an overall clean website that is primed to explode as well. I love the logo on the site, very attractive and catchy to the eye.

    I just think the niche you are in is very competitive. From my experience online, I beleive the niche you are currently in is the number one niche on the internet. The only thing I can think of is if you are trying to get it to rank well it will be very difficult because all of the keywords and ways to get it ranked have been thought off by all of the top money makers within your niche.

    I bet if you blackhat it, you can see how more people accept your site and see how the sales do. This way you can move into paid traffic so you know your site will sell. Maybe even build up a list to keep earning from your visitors for years to come.
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    When looking at your articles, most men could care less. that is just my opinion though.
    I second that opinion.
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  • You probably should go into a different niche altogether. What have you done so far to promote your site? Any PPC, media buys, Youtube, forums, blogs, etc? Have you done your research as to who were successful and unsuccessful in this niche before you - and why they were?

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    how many visitors do you get a day?

    i saw a site getting good traffic, publishing 3 articles a week, and offering to people, for a fee, the opportunity to exclusively sponsor an article


    Sponsored article opportunity at the following websites:

    (url removed) - Health Magazine (Health, Lifestyle, Fitness, etc.).
    (url removed) - Men Magazine (Cars, Accessories, etc.)
    (url removed) - Family Magazine (Parenting, Games, Fun, etc.)
    (url removed) - Woman Magazine (Beauty, Fashion, Celebrities, Fitness, etc.)

    There is no better prelander than an online magazine.

    The 4 websites already have 600k+ unique visitors per month and it's increasing! When published (name removed) can offer the opportunity to run native traffic towards the article if wanted.
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  • don't worry bro ur website is really amazing and some of very quality content

    the only two things u have to focus on now is
    Guest posting
    Link building

    then afterward u can focus on social media strategies
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    You are running this on WordPress, as long as you are updating it, you should be fine as long as there are no breaches on your server.

    I am not sure what came in your mind and register that type of domain for a affiliate type of website.

    If i am not wrong when you said its a affiliate type of website, you meant selling others products and making commission of it ?

    Keep adding quality content if u want traffic, these days traffic only comes with quality content.

    -=- Desi -=-

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    Just looked at your website. AHFRES METRICS: You have 1.4k backlinks from 4RD(referring domains). Unless you are going to disavow the links, forget about organic traffic from google. You have to have an idea of your ideal audience (age, gender etc). They will affect your marketing strategies which should include email marketing and social media marketing. You need to consult a full stack marketing person or agency to advice you on a plan
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    You have a wonderful and informative site. You could stay to a some specific topics
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    Make the social account for this web or Add content related to your niche. Try to share your published content with your social users. Make a proper circle of it and I am sure it will help you out a lot. Try to create the contest on your site make a target. Put interesting stories about your site.
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    1. There is nothing wrong about having a broad website, yet you need specific articles in that area. I would keep it broad, considering you already started it that way, but forget the idea of "X ways to..." articles. There are too many of them already, and you don't want to be another brick in the wall.

    2. It depends on what you want to sell. Products or advertising? Define that first, and then you can decide.

    3. It will be hacked, don't worry. Just keep backups of everything so you can restore the lost data fast enough not to lose traffic.

    I suggest you consistency. Your site has too few articles and the dates of publication are too apart from one another. Consistency and subscriptions will keep people coming back for more.
    Author of Heptagrama. PM for my SEO service offer.
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    1) Im unsure as to whether my website is too broad and not niche enough (should it just focus on dating or should I keep it as it is with multiple aspects of a man's life, like money making, getting healthy etc.)

    Attraction Boss sounds like dating all the way Mitchell. Once you mention money, Attraction Boss is not a fit. Money Boss is. But then you confuse readers who want dating advice but see a money URL. See why you need to focus on 1 niche?

    2) Im unsure about the best path to take in order to start making money from my website. Should I just focus on writing quality articles and be sure that they get out there and read? Or what should I be mostly doing?!?!?!?

    Yep most def; write quality articles and befriend fellow bloggers by commenting on their blogs and by promoting them on your blog and through social media. This is the foundation for monetizing. Then write eBooks, create courses and consider advertising or sponsored post revenue as a few income streams.

    3) I am worried that my website will get hacked and it will be all for nothing! Is this a good concern to have? What should I do about this?

    Use strong passwords, a Cloud Flare and if you are super scared, make a smart investment; hire a skilled developer to ease your concerns. They know what to do.

    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here
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    Your a dude, right? Where do you spend your time online? (not porn... LOL) and why.....

    If you don't have a specific product in mind then perhaps you should write about what you know.

    Personally, I would find a product that I wanted to promote first and then reverse engineer to discover who to target and what to write about.

    Your instincts are right, your stuff is all over the place and unfocused.


    "The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." Colin R. Davis

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    I think the most important things to do are:
    UX design and then SEO.
    For sure the conversion will be increased.
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    Do some design changes, do on page and off page seo, do keyword research rewrite your content.
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    You can use the forum for earn money. But you need to hard work for getting success. You can check out on of the popular website in India name is You can check out the forum. Thanks

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    1) Going broad is fine as you can target smaller niches within your main umbrella site.

    2) Quality content will always help you but you need your site to be found by people who will actually read the content.

    3) Many of the most popular sites on the planet are powered by WordPress, so never let this worry you. Keep it updated, add some security plugins and back it up regularly. If it gets hacked then it is usually an easy job to fix if it happens.

    What it sounds like to me is you really need a strategy. There's no point just writing articles if they have no purpose. Just decide what your end goal is and work from there.

    If you want to build a list, then you'll need to have an optin form somewhere and probably some other free reports/videos to give away to collect optins.

    If you want to make affiliate commissions then you need to find some products to promote. Don't just throw anything on the site. Make sure you take a good look and ideally buy the products you are promoting. It will make a massive difference in how you present it and talk about it.

    Ideally, you'd have some sort of funnel in place to get people to sign up then you guide them through various products that will help them.

    You only need to promote a handful of high quality products to make a LOT of money online.

    Just my 2c :-)
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    Lot of people are saying your website looks good, Maybe it's just me or my browser settings, but all I can focus on is how much "white space" there is. Maybe some .css tweaks can fix that up. I don't think it's to broad a focus, but I would treat each of your categories as separate niches. Spread your links amongst those categories, as well as articles and link each article somewhere back up to the category page. Spice up those headlines too!!
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  • Profile picture of the author Jen Eick
    Your website looks fine to me. Nice layout and lots of good images.

    If I were you, I would try to focus on what your niche is going to be, and then try to narrow it down even further to a sub-niche.

    I see articles geared toward the dating niche, for instance. But what can you tailor it down to even more? Dating after divorce? Dating under/over 40? Etc.

    And then I see an article on muscle-building, which totally threw me off. Unless you can target the article around your niche ("Muscle-Building Tips To Get More Dates," for example), I would lose it, or save it for another niche blog.

    Lastly, I would keep in mind that a lot of websites out there focus on dating. What's your "spark", your unique selling point, about this site, that will be different and make it stand out/be unique?
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    Your site looks really good just carry on with your idea.
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    Site looks good to me also. I particularly like the fonts used for the menu.
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  • Hey Mitchell White,

    I think your site looks awesome. Your site has some incredible thoughts for article themes that will get the snap. You have a general clean site that is prepared to detonate also. I cherish the logo on the site, extremely appealing and snappy to the eye.

    I simply think the specialty you are in is extremely aggressive. From my experience on the web, I trust the specialty you are as of now it is the main specialty on the web. The main thing I can consider is whether you are attempting to motivate it to rank well it will be exceptionally troublesome in light of the fact that the greater part of the watchwords and approaches to get it positioned have been thought off by the majority of the best cash producers inside your specialty.

    I wager on the off chance that you blackhat it, you can perceive how more individuals acknowledge your site and perceive how the deals do. Along these lines, you can move into paid activity so you know your site will offer. Perhaps develop a rundown to continue procuring from your guests for a considerable length of time to come.
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  • Profile picture of the author paulclark
    I think you have some really good content on your website and your website looks good.
    What matters next is where do you want to take your website. If you want to make money out of it, there are a lot of ways to do so. Also, marketing is very important.
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  • Profile picture of the author Sudeshna Jain
    There are many ways to earn through your website. first, you need to increase website visits and once there is a consistency of traffic you can monetize through Adsense or even charge for advertising in your site.
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  • Profile picture of the author SyntacticsInc
    Hey there, Mitchell!

    The overall idea of your website sounds great. It's definitely one of the freshest and newer ideas I've heard.

    To answer your questions:
    1. It would be nice if you also incorporated other aspects of men's life so that many could relate to it. Limiting it to only one topic also limits your viewers.
    2. Writing articles is definitely helpful as it informs a lot of people about what your advocacy and purpose is. However, it would also be helpful for you if you created other interactive materials like Training or How-To videos. That way, people would pay in order to subscribe to your various content.
    3. To make sure that your website never gets hacked, you should have expert web developers look into it and incorporate safety and privacy measures to make sure that years of your hardwork and ideas won't go to waste.

    All in all, what you need so that your website properly prospers is the help of professional web designers and web developers. They can make your website look visually appealing and fully functional too.
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  • Profile picture of the author vasskachk
    It's more like an advertisement, not a request for help. But you still need to change the content. Follow trends.
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  • Profile picture of the author DURABLEOILCOM
    When I see the title of attractionboss the first thing that comes to mind is some type of dating self help. I recommend sticking to the dating niche because that is what your website title corresponds with. Write more articles about dating and attracting women, get your email marketing set up and get to work advertising on Plenty of Fish and Tinder. Be sure to sell an ebook for a decent price in order to share black book type advanced advice and secrets.
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  • Hello, You can hire some professionals & use email marketing strategies.
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  • Profile picture of the author chuckholmes
    One of the best things you can do is take a weekend and create a written business plan for your website. I have a lot of my clients do that. Take the time and identify your vision, mission, unique selling proposition, marketing strategy and daily action plan to get it where you want it to be.

    If you Google sample website business plan, you will see an example I created.

    Plus, make a list of what tasks can be outsourced and start outsourcing immediately. I hope that helps.
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  • Profile picture of the author amuro
    Hi Michell,

    May I know who are you targetting at for your website?

    If you have not doing much lately, then all the more you should starting now.

    Because in order to attract massive traffic to your site, you need 2 things.

    1. A laser-targeted audience in which people know, like and trust you

    2. Content that gives value to the readers as in what they NEED and what they WANT.

    Let me tell you what I will do in your shoes.

    I will go to look for and join forums and Facebook groups related to this niche.

    At this point of time, I don't even bother looking for products or creating any content at all.

    Why, you might ask?

    Because I DON'T even know who my target audience is let alone what they NEED and WANT!

    That is why I need to know where they are, how to connect with them and most importantly, find out what they NEED and WANT.

    Before writing the content based on those before eventually recommending products.

    Now here is the truth, guys.

    But whether you want to believe or not.

    When it comes to marketing online, most people think too much of setting up website technicalities, picking what they think are relevant products randomly, driving traffic and then wondering why they are not making money.

    Now there is nothing wrong with those methods.

    But there is everything wrong with their marketing angle.

    The correct way should be:

    1. Identifying your niche

    2. Identifying your niche audience

    3. Identifying information that will help them before -

    Recommending products that best suits them.
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  • Profile picture of the author Obermair
    Hi Mitchell -

    I just popped over to your website. Not sure exactly what the message is and who the target market is. Yes I get it men in general but you need to be specific in identifying your audience and the niche. Build a niche within men. That will help later when you market yourself on social media sites where you can be very specific in your target audience. More than that, you need to provide real value once they are on the website. I found myself glancing at articles saving money, muscle building and making myself attractive to the ladies. Pretty broad.

    I have a couple of thoughts.

    1. Rather than have an email collector off to the right side pop it up to grab attention and offer a free valuable download right on the spot. Folks love to get stuff for free and if they deem it valuable will be more inclined to read your emails when you market to them.
    2. Create small how-to videos... we are moving away from folks reading articles to eye-catching short videos. Again, a quick value add, keeps them engaged.
    3. Offer links to products that would be of value/interest to the niche.

    Best of luck!
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    this is standard news site, you need good short articles and some good seo
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    If you're concereed about getting hacked, make sure you have a secure host and daily backups
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    May I ask you -

    1. Who are you targeting at?

    2. And how do you intend to connect with them before getting them to buy whatever you recommend?
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  • Profile picture of the author ralphbayo
    visit other websites in a similar niche as yours. check out what they are doing, I believe from there you would have a lot of ideas on how to go about your website
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