1 time Payment Software such as Hosting & Email marketing?

by acchao
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Hi Warrior,

There're offer out there, offers 1 time payment only for Hosting, webinars, email marketing Services.

As most of the software out there are payable monthly and yearly. What do you think? will you consider using these 1 time payment only software?

For me, if the provider is reputable one such as AppSumo, they offers great life time deal products I would definitely consider if the software fits into my business goal.

For JV Zoo products, I am not so sure. I have both good and bad experience using the products.

But I do not have experience on 1 Time payment only for Hosting and Email Marketing Services.

Whats your take on this?
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    For something important such as hosting, I think it would be silly to count on a one payment lifetime deal. It's not that I want to pay more, it's that I basically don't trust their definition of lifetime.

    The MMO market is full of abandoned plugins, themes, etc. that have never been updated or added features. You can't use a 7 year old plugin with no security updates at the least in today's environment. Thankfully, there are a few companies that keep their word and are the exception.

    Even with things like coaching or a membership site, I'd question how long is a lifetime. Till they get tired of it and move on to something else next month or year?

    Overall, I'd be careful.
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    Umm I have used various email marketing platform and there are a few out there which may be used via one time payment. Like there is Mailwiz, Interspire, Mumara Classic and they are good. Pricing is different and you can check them out from their websites. But i still believe that self hosted solution is not the future of email marketing by any means and you can maybe opt for a yearly package with Campaigns+ being the most economical with multiple features, MailChimp the most efficient and then there is autocampaigns which is good too.

    What i strictly believe is that one should always get something which is reliable and has proven itself so do your research, look out for what is better in the modern world and what has better ROIs. You may earn less with self hosted and earn double with SAAs.
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