Who is the best CPA one on one expert?

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I'm no newbie to IM or even cpa
HOWEVER, I need someone to say do this
then this then this and that's how you do it.

Don't we all lol...

Anyways, who is the best cpa coach out there
that actually works with you each day or so to
correct you and teach.

Best wishes
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    You're about to see a lot of "so-called' experts responding or hitting you up via chat.

    If anybody offers to do it for you for LESS than $15,000 - ignore them, if they see what i said here and offer $15k even - ask for testimonials, and contact info for old clients/students

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    Why use CPA?

    It's better you find a coach o course to Build a List around a specific topic, then use these skills for affiliate or cpa market.

    But i'm not a fan of cpa at all. It's so frequentely that someone burn his list bombarding it using cpa.


    WHY if you can build a large email list.... you want to do it for others?
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