Thanks to Allen Says & FTC :) Here we come back!

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Hi Warriors,

I am reading so much debate about FTC's recent rules and i feel really great!
As I think this will make the marketing Natural, and Easy for small players with genuine
offers and not so GREAT salesletter/testimonials....

Same goes with Allen Says' recent rule of banning the all ASCII code from WSO forum...
wow WSO forum is again back to its prestigious state... No more strain in Eyes to browse there , and as a seller you do not need to compete with all those symbols...
I know I have to use ONE in my previous WSO and my stomach was not feeling well
for all is again NORMAL ....

I think both above rules are made to make it clear that ENOUGH is ENOUGH!
And they help the small players who are not top guns in marketing....

Wow i am feeling encouraged to complete my reports I did not when I was not
having success to market the stuff without Video testimonial and HYPE...

If you have also something which you started cooking but have not finished,
i think this is right time to come back

Also recent post by Tiffany is great reminder that if you something valueable to offer
they will buy even without those long hyped salesletter....
(Thank you Tiffany for your awesome post!)

I know I have at least three products which I started with great passion but due
to some failure with my previous product selling i just got discouraged to complete
them and market them..and just got busy with NON-IM Niche sites and Website Dev clients...

But I always loved the IM market and wanted to have my share there...and I think
now is the best time to come back , It does not matter in which market you wanted
to go..just make sure you finish your product and go into that Market is really going
to change due to FTC rule and there are new opportunities for you...

Maybe this is also true for you ? What do you think? Have you some projects or
products still unfinished...what about picking the one and finishing and launching that ?

Thank you Warriors,
#allen #back #ftc
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    thankyou. I suspected this myself..but it's always good to have internal thoughts on an issue confirmed from another person.

    I've been pretty depressed lately..but this is just what i needed to reaffirm that yes if i got something out there,anything is possible.

    I've always been turned off by hypey salesletters. and that was long before i discovered IM.

    Wordpress Install service. PM me for rates and packages or what you need and we can work something out.

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