Experienced Writers Needed.

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I have provided content and ghostwriting for higher end websites for some time now.
I don't believe in the crappy regurgitated sludge many sites use just to fill a site with keywords.

If you are an educated, AMERICAN, experienced freelance writer who can write compelling and valuable articles....please contact me.

I have a lot of work right now and if it works out between us...we can both make some nice money. I pay through Paypal and am very reliable. If you'd like some references from some of my writers, I will gladly have them contact you. (mommywriter6 on Warrior is one of my freelancers. I've always paid her directly and on time. She has struck out on her own recently, since her love is writing fiction).

This is how I operate. I provide title, subheadings and keyword phrases.
Keywords are to appear in the article naturally 2-3 times. One of the times must be within the first paragraph.

Articles need to be 500-650 word count, but I don't want a writer that is going to just stop at 500 because they have "enough words in." Articles should have an introduction that draws interest...subheadings explaining important tips, etc.... and a closing paragraph.

If this is something that seems easy to you, and you are willing to research a variety of topics...please email me at:


I receive a lot of emails, so please write CONTENT WRITER in the subject line of your email so I will notice it.

Pay per article varies depending on my client but the general payment is $10-12 per article. Some of them pay $15.

Please do not contact me if you don't live in the United States. You will be wasting your time.

Thanks so much! Robin Hale
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    That is an extremely generous offer!

    I have nothing against our friends world wide, but I went to a party last night and the gal hosting the party for her boyfriend (his birthday and the person I knew) had just lost her job.

    The company she worked for had outsourced everything to India.

    Stimulation back into this economy here is a really good thing to consider when looking for someone to do some work for you.

    Thank you!

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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        Not a problem. Thanks for the reply! I am in the middle of a few hot deadlines but will sort everything out first thing tomorrow! Your company looks solid, TMG and I will be contacting you.

        Avenuegirl: THANK YOU! I have received a few PM's asking why I am only accepting American writers. As you said, I have nothing against our world wide friends either. I don't like the whole outsourcing to foreign countries thing though. Let's feed our own. Also, I must admit, I do have problems with certain countries submitting nonsense sentences that just repeat themselves and go around in circles. Too much of a headache for me.
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    I fully understand your aversion to nonsense from non-native writers.

    I've found experienced writers through scriptlance.com. I've looked for USA and UK natives with no or little feedback. These people really can deliver good quality with competitive pricing just to build reputation and score.

    Also to avoid negative feedback they will rework everything the way you want it. Naturaly it takes a while to find and select good writers, but I've found there is many to choose from.

    Scriptlance is loaded with asian writers, more natives work through elance.com and guru.com.
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      While I can understand the desire for Americans to hire only Americans, don't discount the native-English speaking Canadian, British or Australian writers. Many of us actively work as full time freelance writers for predominantly US clients.

      We're still able to supply the high quality of work customers expect in a finely crafted article!
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    I'm interested but am from Canada. Is this a problem?
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    Tina, do you have a website for your services?
    Every day I check the obituaries. If I don't see my name there, then I know it's going to be a good day!
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    I'm very interested. Sent you an email.
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    Why do they have to be american? British, irish, welsh, canadian, australian, new zealand, scottish not good enough?
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