How the niche you choose as a beginning copywriter can influence success.

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Lots of marketers pursue whatever niches seam to be highly trending and successful.
Others can be really personally attached to a few niches because they find them highly fascinating. And of course it's usually not only one or only the other. Some lean partially one way or the other

I personally have a few niches I'm really attached to and comfortable with, and anything else gives me the subtle sensation of being kinda lost. Partly because I find market research to be a little confusing. I'm still learning the basic ins and outs.

My favorite niche. is martial arts because I've been learning it myself for years and It's very familiar. I have a natural fascination with it.

But I really need to really check myself to be sure I'm pitching from someone who doesn't share my background and perspective.

A mistake many beginning copywriters make is that they don't think they have enough experience to start an actual paying project. And it's kinda that way with beginning to learn anything. It's easy to be doubtful and hesitant.

It's important to recognize the fact that any subject you're already familiar with is something you can confidently write about, and therefore turn it into some income. And it doesn't mean it will be easy. It doesn't mean you have to do everything yourself(part of being a copywriter is gathering feedback). It doesn't mean you can quit your job in a month. But you can do something. And that is the best way to really get the learning rolling
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    Hello how are you to be honest your text is very important and i feel that is tolk about me i'm really a begginer and i wanna advice from you and tell the first steps
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    Copywriting is different than write effective copy that attracts interest and attention and then gets someone to take action is a skill in and of itself. Yes, experience in a market CAN help - though I've seen it also hurt as people with experience often overlook what they wanted in the first place so find it tough to be empathetic to the beginner or someone who is still in that "Desire" phase.

    I've also worked with expert copywriters who had little experience in a given niche but were 1) Very aware of basic human psychology (what people want, why and how to get them to pay attention and take action) 2) Great at listening and digging into a market to pick the golden nuggets out in terms of both showing empathy and then triggering emotions and response 3) Have experience in the steps involved in reaching and engaging with their audience (no matter the niche)

    Market involvement is definitely not a predictor of writing great copy in my years of experience both writing and hiring some of the top copywriters

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    I tend to agree with Jeff . . . great writers don't necessarily have to be a part of the niche they write about. However, I see it as a "plus" in the beginning for brand new marketers/writers. Why?
    1. Knowing the niche typically means you understand the industry "jargon" and speak the language of the marketplace. You don't have to start from scratch in learning all the lingo of the niche participants.
    2. You know the right questions. You know what is on the minds of the newbies in the niche because you have been there yourself.
    3. You most likely know the competition, the vendors, and the products that are already popular in the niche. So you can "hit the ground running" if you are going to be discussing your product or service, doing reviews, or writing for a blog.
    4. You will probably already have some contacts in the niche or at least you will understand who are the heavy hitters, the top educators in the niche, and those who have the most online influence and authority in the niche.
    5. Researching the niche will most likely be easier for you than for someone brand new to this topic.
    6. You can speak from personal experience or some level of authority because of your past niche involvement.
    All of these points merely suggest that by writing about a familiar niche, you will have an advantage over others that know nothing of the niche. Your learning curve will be shortened.

    One other benefit: if you are familiar with the niche, and especially if you like the niche, your staying power (i.e. endurance, persistence, ability to stick with it over time) will most likely be greater than if you are not at all interested in the niche.

    Just my own opinion, of course.

    The very best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    If you have the info and you understand the market you can write about anything.

    The key is understanding the motivation of both the buyer and the seller you're writing for.
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