Do article sites still bring in traffic?

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Years ago ezine articles and other article sites would bring in decent targetted traffic. Is that still the case? Or has that died off?

Press Releases of any use?

What do you use for inbound marketing techniques?

Thank you
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    It's hard to generalize about the answers to your questions because there are so many examples of both great practices and total failures in online marketing. But here is my quick assessment for you ...

    1. My feeling is, article sites are not as popular now as they once were years ago. I personally never go "decent" traffic from any that I published articles to. I got little dribbles of traffic here and there, but nothing I would consider decent. I have found what I consider better strategies for article distribution. Having said that, I know there are some very targeted niche article sites that do bring traffic to article writers.

    2. Press releases can still be effective ways to market if you don't try to spam them. If you truly do have news-worthy content and understand how to create a great press release, it can open doors for you business. IMO, it is an under-utilized resource . . . but you have to know what you're doing. A lot of the paid PR services are not worth the time and money.

    3. RE: inbound marketing techniques. I would suggest you test as many of the varied techniques and strategies as possible and see what works for your business. Every niche is different and may be particularly focused on by successful businesses in that niche.

    Who is to say what will work best for the niche you are in and how you have positioned your business? It has been my experience that the very best way to discover what marketing techniques work best for your business is this: try as many techniques as you can, track the results, tweak your campaigns to optimize them as much as you can ... but only roll out your full marketing campaigns after you have found those that prove profitable after statistically relevant testing.

    Good luck to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Articles still bring in traffic when other sites with a good amount of traffic syndicate it. Ezine articles is still a good tool to get publishers to publish your articles. So you still get the traffic indirectly. However, you won't get much traffic directly from Ezine articles or other article directories like the old days since Google made an update years ago preventing the article directories from ranking high in the results.
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    Multiple streams of traffic is the good strategy. Diverse links from various sources means google sees you an authoritative site and not black hat spammer.
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    If you are conversant with Search Engine Optimization than you will have a better chance of getting traffic from blog posts. Some niches are a lot less competitive than others, but for digital marketers the standard recommendation is a post of at least 2,000 words. Again, you can get by with less writing, say, with product reviews on niche products from Amazon or stamp collecting tips and tricks or articles about old graveyards.

    Most importantly, from my experience, is that the post should answer a common question or solve a common problem. Additionally, if you want to make a profit, there should be some promotional aspect to the post, either indirectly or as list building inducement for later follow-ups.
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    What do you use for inbound marketing techniques?
    I advertise.
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    Article directories used to be popping with direct traffic. But you can still create articles on your site and make them available for use and distribution for other sites. Make sure you have the disclaimer that your author byline and links are kept in-tact. But some people will ignore this anyway. Plus contact website owners in your niche who suck at creating content, and make a deal to offer them articles/content in exchange for article publicity on their site - and/or directly to their list.

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    It depends on the platform you approach for contributions. There are number of article sharing sites that allow publication of already published articles on their websites, making contribution on such sites won't help us reach out targeting audience. Search engines also doesn't like this practice. On the other hand, publishing unique and quality articles on Web 2.0 credible content publishing platforms like Medium, WordPress, etc. with proper tags and categories will improve the website traffic. However, it is recommended to hire professional article writing services like Content Development Pros to draft high-quality content that the reader must find engaging.
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    Probably not, but I can definitely say not as much as news sites that publish articles, news get a lot more visitors that are interested in reading.
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    Perhaps with a few exceptions, article sites (including ezine articles) have never really been effective for bringing in "decent" traffic directly. And this was never the original purpose of article sites anyway.

    Article sites (particularly ezine articles) are still popular among writers and publishers, mostly in non-IM/MM niches. For example, I have found that EZA in particular is a powerful marketing tool for wide article distribution.

    Publishers are always hungry for quality content, and by promoting your article portfolio along with a well-developed profile to relevant publications, articles become syndicated.

    Since my sites are impossible to rank despite literally thousands of articles, mostly because of the intense competition, this has always been one of my most effective tools for generating massive quantities of highly convertible traffic.
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    If you write quality content that attracts people's attention, it would have a higher chance of getting shared.
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    Article sites can still bring you a slow trickle especially if a well ranked site chooses to use your article. But because of google updates direct traffic from article sites doesn't happen any more.

    I think press realease sites are good to get backlinks to your money site

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    Submitting your articles to directories still work, it's just that you have to be selective these days, you can't just go on and submit an article to multiple directories; it will hurt your SEO efforts.

    But in my own opinion since most of the article directories are dead; why not consider using your content as guest post. Find blogs that are well ranked and contact the webmaster to see if he can accept your content in an exchange for link back.

    This will definitely help your SEO, but you have to make sure that you website is good or you'll face a lot of rejections from bloggers.
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    Not by themselves they don't. It's better for you to come up with other ways to get your content out there, because article directories just don't provide this anymore. The few good ones that are left don't make it easy to post articles either and for good reason. Sites such as EZA are trying to survive by focusing on quality instead of quantity and even this isn't helping them all that much.
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    This is the the old school method to bring traffic from articles site. I am sorry these are not able bring huge traffic but still some site are able to convert few traffic. Thanks
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    Back in the "good old days", say a decade or so ago, article sites could bring you decent traffic. It was easier for articles to rank well in search engines. So much has changed since then though. Google has changes it's algorithms, etc. Today, I think you'd be better off writing content for yourself, posting that original content on your sites/blogs, and finding ways to promote and get traffic directly to them.
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    Press Release is not a good way to bring traffic. There is no value to audience. Actually, Press Release is just for creating SIGNAL to search engine that the website is launched and ready to use.
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    One quick check with reveals the answer: NO

    But there's a quick workaround... Quora

    Instead of creating full articles, strip them down into ANSWERS and find related questions on Quora

    Mold your answers and you're good to go

    Want To Make More Money Online? Invest in BETTER CONTENT!
    Articles - Blogs - Authority sites - Ecommerce descriptions - Emails - Youtube video scripts - AFFORDABLE RATES!
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    Yes, they do though the results may not be as great as 8-10 years ago.

    In fact some of the established article writers in Ezine Articles are now turning to blogging, blog commenting and guest posting as alternate ways of getting traffic to their content.

    Because at the end of the day, regardless of what niche and topic you write about, you need to ask yourself who are you writing for?

    For random audience that may see your article but may or may not click the resource box link let alone opting in or buy your offer.

    Or for laser-targeted audience who KNOWS, LIKES and TRUSTS you?
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