Is making money blogging still working?

by Tutano
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I have a very deep, very profound knowledgde in trading the financial markets.
I was thinking about setting up a blog, hammering out about 3 high quality articles a day
and later on selling my own trading course.

Is that still a viable strategy in 2018 and for the years to come?
How do I validate if my topic is potentially successful and if there is not too much competition?
How would you monetize such a blog besides selling my own course?

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    google ad words sounds like a perfect monetizing option

    the finance area has lots of high-value keywords
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    google ad words sounds like a perfect monetizing option
    Google Adwords is an advertising platform to run ads on Google search or content network.

    Google Adsense is a platform for placing other marketer's ads on your site.
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    Yes, but it has evolved. It has now become "content marketing" and it's a very effective strategy to make money on the internet.
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  • Content marketing is here to stay because people are consuming content everyday. You need to do keyword research to find out what are the hot topics. Other than selling your own course, you can monetize through affiliate marketing or AdSense.
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    Can there be but 1 day that someone doesn't say monetize with adsense?

    Blogging is very viable.. I would say someone with your knowledge, it becomes a no brainer.

    Please dont listen to the folks above... dont do research ( I think you already know what the hot topics are ) and start writing. If you seriously can pump 3 articles a day.. do your self a favor... write for the next 3 weeks.. dont even think about the actual blog building until you have at least 50 articles in the can.

    Doing this does a couple of things... you will have a better understanding of your navigation needs up front ( categories ) you can then start with say 20 articles, and set the remaining to auto post. and then keep writing. This leaves you a buffer in case stuff like life happens and you cant write for a week.

    Really.. best of luck with this
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    Try Affiliate Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Sell Ad Space, Sell Your Own Digital Product to make money online.
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    Getting paid for your passion is one of the hidden gems of the internet. 3 High quality articles a day is a nice starting point. You will gain an audience and friendships in this area because many people will share your love on the topic, view your stuff and share it as well.
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    Yes Blogging Works, if you know how to monetize

    TemplateToaster is one of the web's largest and oldest resources for today's top bloggers. Daily topics include SEO, content creation, Web design software.

    No doubt, even if you're not a beginner these tips will probably prove to be useful.
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    yes blogging is still working nicely. You can earn a good amount if your have good traffic on your website. If you are getting good traffic on your blog then you can monetize from it by applying for Google ad sense or any other ad network.
    You can learn more about the blogging and ad sense from the DigiLearnings's website.
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    Gret Advice, thank you all.
    So just write about 50 articles or so, find the topic stucture, set up blog, post 20 articles, auto-post the next 30 articles, keep hammering out high quality articels every day,
    build an audience, sell my own course, sell related affiliate courses, sell ad space.
    Seems easy to accomplish, such as a Just do it thing!
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    Hi Yes you can make money my blogging ,you need to me more perfect to which domain you are planning to start wirting articles , the content sholud be effective ,
    very post you write must me potentially sound good , where it must consist of content
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    Blogging worked in the past, it works now and it will work in the future. What needs to be considered is whether you can do the hard work consistently to make it a success. Google Adsense is the easiest way to monetize the blog. Besides that you can collect leads and do some email marketing.
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  • Having a blog is a credibility tool. Having a blog and a book before you market your course, positions you as an authority figure in your niche.

    Being perceived as an authority in your niche, makes your prospects feel more comfortable spending their hard earned money on your course.
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    I want to ask how much website traffic is a must to install Google Adwords?
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    That is a huge question. Content marketing is KING. But you need to know a few things. Plus every thing about monetization mentioned above is correct.

    Are you a beginner At Internet Marketing? Need Some Help?
    Private Message Me If You Want Some Free Coaching :-)

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    Surprised so many people are saying Adsense. I have a tough time taking sites seriously when they've got those types of ads plastered all over them. I would never put them on a serious blog that I thought could be successful.

    You sound like you've got in depth knowledge on a subject that a lot of people are interested in. If you're planning to sell your own products and services I would not put Adsense ads on your blog.
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    To those who says 'blogging is dead' are complete BS. In most cases, they are the ones who can't keep up with the consistency of regular quality content on their blog. My answer is YES, blogging is still a strategic way to have audience reach online. In fact, its the best way to deliver your content across the globe.

    Validating whether your topic is going to be successful or not is a secondary task. You should first provide tons of value in your post. People will know if you write for the money, or write to give value. Pat Flynn (from Smart Passive Income) has taught me that 1 quality blog post content per month, is way better than 4 less quality blog post content.

    Beside selling your own products, you can sell ad space or promote affiliate products. These 2 is enough to surplus your in house products sales.
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    What posters aren't telling you is that Adsense pays very tiny commissions and in order to make any decent money with it, you have to have mega traffic coming to your blog. Such won't be the case for your "newbie" situation. Generally, you will have to spend a lot on paid advertising in order to get tons of traffic (and that is a very risky road for a newbie).

    Here's another problem - you only get paid as visitors click on your ads - thus taking them off your site in order for you to get paid. Usually, bloggers want visitors to stay as long as possible.

    You stated: "I have a very deep, very profound knowledge in trading the financial markets."

    If that's the case, you should be making great income from that skill you have learned. Why do you want to make a little income by selling your own trading course?

    If you aren't making great money with your trading the financial markets, how will you ever sell your own trading course if you can't verify you own performance?

    Just my thoughts. Good luck on whatever you decide to do.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    You can use several monetization options:
    1. Google Adsense - The most common way, it works, it's reliable, and it's not to much effort.
    2. Selling ad spaces to different advertisers
    3. Push notifications - You can use your blog and your subscribers to send push notifications with advertising content in them and monetize it.
    I have an interesting offer regarding the last option - contact me in private message if that interests you.
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    I would spend some time studying popular finance blogs. See how they monetize. Do you sell their own products? Use affiliate links? I doubt many of them would even touch AdSense.

    Also, look at the length and type of articles.

    I tend to think three articles a day is too much. They'll end up being fluff and not enough research and substance. One longer article per day might be better. IMHO.

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  • As long as people are still turning to Google with their problems, there will still be opportunity waiting for those willing to solve them.

    As far as monetizing goes, in my experience the best way to monetize is by 1.) selling your own products and services, and 2.) selling affiliate products that you use yourself and would be beneficial to your target audience.
    You only get one chance to make a first impression; make it exceptional |
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