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Hi guys, I've been running my finance blog for a couple months now. I've been buying traffic from Facebook in hopes that my advertorials and affiliate links would be generating income however it has been now. I believe I have everything setup correctly but maybe I don't. Can you all help me? I'm having trouble with conversions.

Here's my latest advertorial.
I have a pixel setup on my blog.
I'm using FB Business Manager
I'm running a group page likes campaign.
I'm advertising to men in all 50 states on this particular advertorial.
I'm getting a lot of views from the add to the advertorial. A few hundred if not about a thousand views per day.
I'm them reduced down to about 25 link clicks a day onto the affiliate link
I'm making zero monitary conversions though on this particular affiliate advertorial.
Any ideas? Am I missing something? Did I skip a step with the FB Pixel?

Any help would be great!
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    you have 3 banners

    1. Target...has nothing to do with tires

    2. Best Buy, focus on small appliances??? nothing to do with tires

    3. for tires but like most banners I really have not been convinced to click it.

    Then there are the tire reviews. not one of them has a clickable affiliate link to that tire.


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      I agree with the last post. I would also try Adsense ads. And a pop up that pops up when a visitor tries to exit the site

      Tires may be a tough niche because not everyone buys them online.

      I would suggest adding an. Auto parts or accessories store to your sitte and doing giveaways to get subscribers.
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    I have no idea what your blog is about. You are covering a handful of topics, meaning you are being a generalist, not a specialist. Specialists convert. Generalists? Not so much. Stay on topic - by picking 1 - and make all ads align with the single topic.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    You have nice posts about finances and people who find that interesting want to save or make money.

    Understanding your traffic is the most important part of converting that traffic into income and in your case the main topic is Finances. So, try advertising financial services, affiliate programs, finances management tools, etc.
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    Any ideas? Am I missing something?
    It's tough to make affiliate sales without a single link to the vendor's site.
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    Originally Posted by TheJimboTron85 View Post

    Hi guys, I've been running my finance blog for a couple months now.
    Interesting your selling tires on a finance blog ? If someone is looking into finance why not sell them financial products...

    Looking at your advertorial there is no real reason to buy any tire. Type in tires and see what you come up with. The ads will not look like that page. Just a FYI 2 months ago my car needed tires took a look online to see the best tires. Your ad did nothing to give any real reason to click on your links.If I was still in the Market !
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    Awww geeze
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    Target seems to be wrong.
    Do you use organic seo in your articles?
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    What is the point of your blog? Are you looking to make money? If so, then you need to show it. Obviously not by hard-selling, but:

    1) Where's a link to subscribe to your blog?

    2) Do you offer a free ebook to download?

    3) Where's a hover ad to capture leads for those who first visit your blog?

    4) How do you make it easy for people to stay on your site long enough before clicking away (as i did)

    5) What's your long term strategy for maximizing income with your blog?

    6) This is a quote from the bottom of your blog:

    "Finance Doggy is a Financial Blog aimed at helping the masses. From debt to investments, saving money, and just learning how to better handle your checkbook. We are here and happy to help offer solutions to all those out there! "

    How does this quote reach a specific targeted group of people, and separate you from your competitors like Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, or Lynnette Khalfani Cox?
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    Follow the customer path.

    Tires are a major purchase for most households. Especially 4x4 tires. Not cheap. $ 1000 or more for a set.

    So why would they click on a random ad ... hit a generic list article ... click through to another site they probably never heard of ...

    And pull out the credit card on impulse?

    That's what you are expecting them to do. Make an impulse buy on something that's not an impulse buy ... and do it through a path of randomness.

    It ain't happening.
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    The first problem I encountered was I had to really search for the affiliate link. I suffer from banner blindness like most web surfers.

    The second thing I noticed is that the offer is for the Nitto brand, so why include info on competing brands?

    Why not target people who are already fans of the brand.A quick search on facebook shows that Nitto tires usa has 11 million fans. You may or may not be able to target fans of that page directly from your ad manager (I'm not a facebook expert, but here is a link to a quora thread that explains how to do this )

    I wouldn't send any more traffic to that page until you fix it.

    The first thing I would do is research which nitto models preform best under varying conditions.

    tire buyers are looking for different things. such as

    tires for off roading in mud

    tires for off roading in mud and rocks

    tires for off roading in sand

    best off road tire for hill climbing

    best off road tire for daily driving

    off road tires for highway driving

    racing tires

    You get the idea, be specific.

    After you research you can write a blurb about each of the concepts and tie it to the best nitto model for that road condition and oh BTW you get a $100 rebate when you purchase through this link (add affiliate link) at TireBuyer. Your tires are delivered fast and free to a nearby, expert installer. With free 45-day returns and guaranteed installation rates.

    everthing about your page is too broad and not specific enough to the brand or the offer.Your ad targeting is too broad as well which might explain why your getting so many "tire kickers"......

    Disclaimer, these are only my opinions and I could be wrong!


    "The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." Colin R. Davis

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    You could also try niche related forum posting
    Having trouble building an online business?I have free coaching that will help you make your first dollar online Private message me for your 100% free coaching.
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    You could stay to a particular topic and cover all the aspects of that topic
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    Im on mobile, and i find it difficult to know the point of clicking. The links are just like ads and you are not directing users to buy through that link, rather juat bouncing off
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    It all depends upon how many conversions you are getting from doing such activities. If the conversion rate is consistent or increasing then there is no issue!
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