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I really hope I am posting to the right area, as this is my first post.

Here is my problem that I am looking for advice on.
I do local marketing for businesses, and I have a good friend who really needs help with his business. He has a strange niche, and I just cant come up with ANY ideas to help him, online OR off.

He represents a group of high-dollar investment bankers. Their goal is to find MEDICAL companies that want to SELL their business. Most times, they are not advertising the business for sale, or even considering it. Doctor practices, Nursing Homes, Physical Therapy, Xray/MRI, even hospitals. Pretty much anything medical related.

He cold-calls leads purchased from S&P I believe. Some contacts have email, some do not. But he really needs to get past the gatekeepers most times, and talk to the CEO or CFO or Presidents. Sometimes he has those names, and sometimes the contacts are lower on the totem pole.

He gets a commision if the deal goes through, and of course these are big ticket sales, so a few good deals a year are all he needs.

So the real question is, what could I do to help with this?

I am open to any ideas, but until he gets a good deal closed, he will have a very limited budget to use. He is really struggling now. He was used to making 7 figures, but his offices were in the World Trade Center previously. That business is no more.... and he has almost depleted his savings 8 years after 9/11.

Not to bore you too much with his personal issues, but he is a GOOD friend, and I really want to help him. I won't be getting paid for this.

Any ideas or advice would SINCERELY be appreciated.

John Spagnolo

P.S. Again I hope this post is not in the wrong place, or out of line.
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    build a minisite to showcase what he does.

    then establish a social presence....facebook, myspace

    and then throw around a number of press releases...after is high end.....

    tapping into a professional market.

    build the minisite around things that would attract the right KIND of people - even though they may not be searching for what he has to offer.

    maybe add a few pics of acquired properties on the site....

    once you get the word out that someone with big money is willing to buy....

    you may just get some people following the money.

    this would probably be the cheapest option.

    hope this helps

    good luck

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      Consider a backwards approach.

      Make a site that is a directory of medical offices, offer to list offices and businesses for little or no money, and get those folks on a list. Collect the names and emails.

      Then whammo! Start knocking on their doors one at a time and see if you can convince them to sell.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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        Before you start charging off with minisites or Facebook pages or whatever, take some time to consider what your ideal prospects look like. Your friend should be able to help you with this.

        Just from the description you gave, I came up with...

        Your prospects are well educated, since most of them will likely hold advanced medical degrees along with years of additional education.

        Your prospects own or control high-value businesses, which suggests that many or most of them are middle-aged or older.

        Your ideal prospect wants to convert their high-value practice into cash, whether for retirement or to pursue another project.

        Given the above, it's also likely that your ideal prospects are investigating purchases or activities they want to accomplish after selling their practice.

        So rather than go for a direct frontal assault - "Hey, doc, wanna sell your practice?" - you might want to look at building a referral network among other pros such as high-end Realtors, relocation specialists, business brokers, commercial real estate pros, etc. Set up a JV or affiliate program where they can refer clients matching your friend's group's criteria. If a deal goes down, they get a finder's fee or some type of reward.

        Your part of the deal is using your online skills to help build the referral network.
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    Getting an Online SEO and Social Presence would definitely boost this type of business.
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    One idea is to set himself up as an expert at some aspect of management of medical companies/offices, set up a web site on something like "financial trends in medical office management" and send out a regular newsletter and get a mailing list. It's a way to be in contact with them.

    Perhaps a web newsletter about trends in buying and selling medical companies, the more direct approach, would work.

    Best - Pat

    "The amateur works until he gets it right. The professional works until he cannot get it wrong." - Julie Andrews

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