Using YouTube comments in order to get ideas for interesting content good or bad?

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One of my biggest problems is when I try to do several articles on a single topic it becomes tough for me to think of unique ideas. Unique ideas are important, because they get me excited and this leads to more entertaining content on my part.

One of the things I've been experimenting with is browsing the comments of different YouTube videos in order to find some ideas. Usually I can find a wealth of them and can build entire articles around a single idea if it's good enough.

I always have a wealth of comments because there's a wealth of videos on virtually any topic I want. I even found a way to make it simple and faster to compile all the comments for a given video. There's a tool called You put in a link for any YouTube video and it collects every single comment (including the relies to certain comments) and organizes it all in a single shot for you. Sometimes I've has thousands of comments to browse through.

If I want I can just collect them, put them in a notepad file and use a notepad to PDF conversion tool to make everything look more presentable. The converter I use for this is usually

I know some will think I'm stealing content, but this isn't what I'm doing. I just use the comments to help me get ideas. If I do see a comment that's thoughtful and interesting I'll use it to build an entire article from, all my own. I feel this helps me to be more effective.

So my question is would people consider this bad or good? Are there other people who brainstorm ideas for content using similar methods? These days good content requires you to be versatile. It can't be done mechanically the way it was in the past. I also believe this particular approach I use works better for blog post or conversational style content. Not content that requires hard research. Please respond with your thoughts.
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    I would say that is not good! Not bad, but not good either! Those comments are based on each personal opinion. But it's fine if you take it just for generating ideas.

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    Originally Posted by pheonix44 View Post

    I also believe this particular approach I use works better for blog post or conversational style content. Not content that requires hard research.

    If you want to be a conversationalist, one who comments on other's thoughts and opinions, then what you are doing is fine.

    If you want to be an authority, one who is a thought leader and an influencer in the niche, then it's better to put effort into doing research and talking with experts and other leaders in the field. Doing research should not be frowned upon - it's not something that should be avoided at all costs. As a leader, you want to have knowledge and experience that others don't have!

    You see, by focusing on YT comments, you're getting ideas from mostly non-professionals and often newbies and beginners that typically don't provide a lot of great thought or substance in their thinking and replies. And most have very little solid experience in the subject.

    As one who writes articles for the purpose of marketing, I would rather feed my readers with valuable knowledge and insight than simply rehash other's conversations. I want people to follow me, to become subscribers, and to eventually trust me as an authority in the niche so they'll buy my products and recommendations.

    So while what you're doing is fine if you just want to follow the conversations of the masses . . . it won't help you much at all if you desire to become an authority and leader in the niche. Yes, leaders do listen to their niche participants . . . but that is not what they write about. They don't regurgitate what everyone else is saying. Instead, they research, study, experiment, and talk to other authorities to come up with new, innovative, unique thoughts and ideas that others haven't considered.

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