I want to promote my personal blog is there any point posting OLD posts to social media

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I've been writing my blog 'secretly' for about 3 years now
I never really bothered to promote it because it was meant to be a diary.
It's mainly about my personal life experiences, the things I do - I do A LOT. Travel, reviews etc etc its called house ninety two

Recently I decided to post it on linked in and I got REALLY good feedback (and even a date LOL)
Im thinking of promoting it now. I have some good posts but they're about 3 years outdated. A friend of my did an experiement and posted my photo of San ignacio from my blog (with no links) onto Reddit. and it got like 55k views, and thousands of upvotes o.O he didnt even post any copy with it. It was only a photo. He did it to prove I can do something with my photos and content.

1. How can I go about promoting old blog posts about my travels, experiences? I've done a lot in my past. I still do a lot but I want to somehow use existing posts for now... until I write more. I have a lot of content.

2. Should I create new ones using old posts.. like "how to" for each country and "repackage' them.

3. OR Should I rewrite OLD blog posts completely.... to make some more engaging? I know some of my travel ones have 5 diff locations bundled in one post. I could separate them??

4. leave old posts completely and just work out what to do going forth? Which btw.. what should I do ? Lol. I like writing my travel posts in diary format because it's a unique experience.. should I put "how to" at the end the posts or in a separate post and link them??

ATM I just want to know what to do with my old existing posts. I installed YOAST SEO but it only gives me one key word its hard to know which word to use when each post I talk about 5 diff things because they're diary entries.

'ANy help or advice appreciated

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    If you write about travelling, you create so called evergreen content which should be useful for the readers even if you wrote it a few years ago. So I would keep the old posts.

    If some part of your blog is not so up-to-date, I recommend you update the article. Many bloggers do it and you can also see that in many cases they change the article title from "7 ways how to do something" to "7 ways how to do something in 2018" or "7 ways how to do something (updated July, 2018)". This way the title looks more up-to-date for your readers and also it has a positive impact on SEO.
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    Yes RG; you can get some nice pop posting old content to social media. I do for sure.

    Keep these things in mind:

    - edit to keep posts current, so content is more evergreen
    - remove broken links, or links no longer resonant with your blog and brand
    - jazz up your writing with light editing if the quality was a bit lacking from 2 or 4 years ago

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Thanks for the tips
    What about content wise if it includes 3 diff locations in one blog post does anyone ever separate blog posts and pretend they wrote it like last year ? When's in reality I wrote it ..today?

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