How to come up with rates for Web Design/Monthly Maintenance packages?

by bsurb
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Good afternoon y'all. Iv recently decided to take a step forward by offering some services that Iv always done for my self or friends who started a new business. (Web design, SEO, custom logos, etc) Even some of the work may be outsourced through a third party if I get too busy or need to complete x amount of projects in a certain time.

Iv been making websites and generating income since I was in 7th grade, so about 15 years. And iv decided that this is really what I love, because no matter what im always trying to make a buck or generate some new business idea. Iv also landed website jobs here and there through word of mouth without having an actual company name. So now I believe its time that I take it serious and possibly make this a full time gig by offering my services to anybody who may be interested.

But my biggest question is, what should I be charging per job? How do you calculate costs?

In the past Iv pretty much just told people $500 and Ill make you a legit website under a Wordpress platform, you'll get a .com name, how ever many pages you want, if you need help ill make changes etc. and it would go pretty smooth. Now some small businesses here locally are brand new and $500 scares them away.

But I am now being plugged in with companies who are multi million dollar companies and I need to know what to price them so I make it worth my while, especially if they have it to spend you know? So I did another job where I fixed and made some changes to a companies page for $600.

Should I offer a 3-type package deal on my website?

What about logo design?

Any help is appreciated guys. I basically need something with a FIXED menu price on my website so that companies see it and will know what to expect.

Any recommendations or links where I can go to read would be awesome.
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    Originally Posted by bsurb View Post

    But I am now being plugged in with companies who are multi million dollar companies
    Multi-million dollar companies have in-house design teams and have an established web presence. I doubt you'll be getting much work, there.

    You're just starting out as a business. Be realistic. Your competing with free site builders like Wix, and believe it or not, many business are just fine with that. Some actually take pride in the fact that they built it themselves, regardless of how atrocious they might look. lol

    Additionally, if $500 is scaring away your potential clients, you have a rough road to hoe, ahead of you.

    Only you know what your time is worth and your level of expertise that you bring to the table. Only you can answer these questions. Look at design firms in your area and see what they charge. That is your best and most informed starting point.

    No one here can realistically set your prices, but trust me, they'll try to tell you what to charge. Just plain silly. lol

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    Im not even going to get much into how to price.. I will say 3 packages.. one bottom of the barrel 5 pager text and images the next a step up.. add email services maybe a video ( if you can do that) some product showcasing etc.. maybe in the 10 page category.. the 3rd would be more of a blog style build for those clients that understand " the internet " include things like social integration etc.

    Now what I will be specific about. Each and ever client you bring on board... they should be placed on a hosting plan. $50.00 a month for the lowest plan, UNLIMITED changes, a nice little professional report every month how many visitors etc and as the package goes up.. so does the hosting price.. this also gives you some amount of wiggle room with price negotiations but NEVER drop below the $50 a month mark.

    Web Design by default is generally a once and done type of venture.. so acquiring the monthly residual income is a better than added bonus. That simple little $500 site you get paid to build, in the next year will produce an additional $600. Stop thinking about a dollar you can make tomorrow, and look more at the life of customer, ( hopefully YEARS ) and what that brings.
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    You said that you have 15 years of experience in the field, you must have some good idea about your customers and beleiyme $500 is not much for a web site, every other developer charges even more than that.
    If they refuses to pay you that amount, just move on.
    Also regarding the packages, yes you can opt for 3 kind of packages.

    And regarding the logo design market, if you are really pro in your field, people will definitely pay you a lot but if not then there are freelancing sites which offers shitty designa for the price of a coffee. And from my experience, a lot of cuatomers can't even differentiate between a good original and a copied logo. So they goes to the sites and get it for less.

    The thing i wanted to say is that always go with quality, people will pay. If you rush and lower your charges then it will affect on the long run.

    I wish you best for your venture.
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    I'm going to let them know about a $50/month maintenance charge which will be included with hosting.

    But for a basic website I'm going to start it around $500-600 range.
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    Now some small businesses here locally are brand new and $500 scares them away....

    Never ever ever ever base your pricing on broke, desperate or flat out fearful folks. If you price your services based on people afraid to spend money you are doomed buddy.

    Email 5 to 10 folks in your niche. Ask for their pricing. Gain a ballpark figure. Go near the high end, or maybe a bit above the highest rates because you have been developing for 15 years.

    There you go.

    Money is so simple when you remove the fear-charge from it. Just a means of exchange. Just get clear by charging rates similar to folks in your niche and you will be A-OK.

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    My suggestion is simply this: first, position your business so that you serve a particular type of customer and don't be concerned about others that are outside your "target."

    As Ryan intimated, there are many different kinds of people and customers that you could approach about your web design service. If you have a lot of experience and can do "top of the line" designing, IMO you shouldn't worry about the people that are scared away by a $500 fee. Well-healed businesses have paid over $100K for their web site designs. This high-end positioning may not be right for you - I don't know - but whatever type of prospect you target based on your abilities and financial goals, that is who you need to go after.

    Understand that you may need to be a little flexible in the beginning in order to get some experience and your portfolio filled. But still, you need to set a target for your audience and then go after it without hesitation.

    I would also suggest you do some research into the marketplace for web designing to add some "reality" to your pricing structure as most often consumer markets will only bear certain levels of price acceptance.

    The very best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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