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Suppose I want to create a blog for some beauty product. Would it be feasible to pose a company or an individual in the content.

And would it be better to write as a first person like "I have used this product and according to my experience....." or it would be appropriate to write as "We have used this product and according to our experience.....".

Thanking you and looking forward.


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    You should present yourself as a first person user that you used those products and that was good to used.
    Because it create a positive image of your brand rather than to show yourself as a company or individual.
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    First person all the way. Your readers trust your recommendations when they trust the source, and writing in the first person identifies you as the source of each blog post. I love adding personal stories to my blog; easy way to build trust and to establish authenticity.

    The "we" route would not work unless you and your 10 or 100 or 1000 readers all used the product and agree with your take. Not possible or plausible.

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  • Agree with Ryan, First person. People feel more comfortable buying on the advice of other people. That's why testimonials and reviews work.

    Amazon may be reputable to handle delivery, but people decide which product to buy on the strength of reviews and experience from real people. It's basically "soft selling".

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    I have two suggestions for you:

    1. Whatever you choose, your marketing should be honest and truthful. Don't say you used a product if you haven't. Don't claim "we" if your business is only "you."

    2. The FTC has some specific guidelines about marketing "claims" and how they must be supported with verifiable evidence. The same holds true for testimonials. So if you plan to talk about the results you or someone else received using the products you're selling, you need to review what is going to be required of you.

    The best to you in this new venture,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    One related question:

    How a male can write as a first person for women related niches like beauty?
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      Writing as a person, specifically a user, is more effective that writing as a company or someone who owns/works for the brand. You come off as more genuine when reviewing a product.

      How a male can write as a first person for women related niches like beauty?
      Heh. Now that's a challenge. You could study beauty blogs by women and try to emulate their style. Or you could hire a female writer who's got experience writing for the beauty niche. I knew someone who was in a somewhat similar situation--a man who ran a makeup site. He'd hire Filipinos, Americans, Euros, Indians, etc. to write on their blogs. Don't know why he didn't set up an affiliate program instead, though.
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    First person, active language.
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    Writing content in the first person is better because you are trying to share testimony about the product and it is better done in the first person.
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