How to give instant access to product videos, for each buyer?

by Chris-
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I have a product, which will be delivered as a series of videos.

How do I give instant access to the product videos for each buyer?

I see most IM products doing this these days, but not sure HOW.

I am planning to use JVZoo for the payments, unless there is a reason to use some other system.

Are there any free or low-cost solutions that do this well, such as a WordPress Plugin?

I understand that ClickFunnels would do this, but $98 a month is a lot to invest initially. It looks like Kyvio might be able to do this, but their JVZoo integration (or their own affiliate payment system) looks to be only be available on the $69 / month pricing, which is slightly better, but I am wondering if there is anything good that costs a lot less (at least to get me started, I can upgrade once I am making profits).

thanks in advance for any ideas

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    I'm not sure why it is important for you to give product access immediately without the customer having to log in to your membership platform. My guess is . . . most every customer you get will want to change his "assigned" password anyway to something easy to remember or a "usual" password. Most buyers expect this step as it is an accepted practice - at least that's been my experience.

    I think you should speak with your transaction/sales company (JVZoo or whomever you decide upon) about your intent. I'm pretty sure they will try to persuade you from doing this because of the security concerns that immediate access can trigger in some cases.


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    Answering my own question . . . the WP Download Page Protector Plugin is only $7, works with JVZoo and should do the job.

    I got a reply within a few minutes to a Help question, which seems to suggest that the plugin is up to date, and should work OK.

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