What Are The Best Marketing Strategies To Promote A Book?

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I am working on a book and in the meantime I would love to have your opinion about the best marketing strategies to make it a best-seller no matter if it is published by a publisher or if it is self-published?

Love to hear your opinions and wanted to take this opportunity to thank you very much in advance


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    What is the book about? (niche) and who is your target audience?

    Is this a physical book or ebook? (or both)?
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      The book will be about plant-based cooking - but not sure it will be a physical book or ebook yet, I guess this will depend if I find a publisher or if I have to self-publish.

      Would appreciate all the input you guys can give for all eventuallities so I can build a strategy for it. Thank you in advance.
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    This blog has tons of information



    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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    It depends on all about the book i.e. on which niche book is written, what is the message that the writer want to convey through the book.
    All the strategies are different for different books.
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      My book is about veganism - a plant-based cookbook. Now what to do?
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    Nice. As per your query, I think the leaflet distribution strategy is the best strategy to reach a number of audiences nearby your area at a very cost-effective way. Check out this strategy to grow more.
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    The best way is to build your audience first by having a mailing list or a blog. Even traditional publishers will ask about your audience and expect you to do a lot of your own marketing.


    If you self-publish you need to...

    Hire a good editor. This might not be quite as important with a cookbook but formatting needs to look professional.

    Get a good cover! This will make a difference.

    Write a great description using the right keywords.

    See if someone with a mailing list (in your niche) will sell your book as an affiliate.

    Look for Facebook groups on your topic and see if they allow you to promote. Some do, some don't. But read the rules first.

    Try and get a few test readers to read your book and leave reviews. It's best not to spend a lot of money on paid ads until you have a few reviews.

    Look into places like Bookbub or Buckbooks.

    Run Facebook ads.

    You can use KDP ads if you publish on Kindle.

    There are also Facebook groups for those who self-publish where you can get ideas and ask questions.

    Good luck!

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      Thank you Rose for your valuable feedback - I will explore the different streets you draw and try to educate myself on how to achieve my goals in the best way. Again thank you so much for your time and helpful suggestions
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    You could do a book tour, get it up on Amazon and Kindle, and also on Barnes and Nobles website and in-store. Have you ever heard of Ingram? If you have your own website you could always sell it on your site through paid advertising (easy), and have it shipped out to your customer using Createspace or Lulu without you touching it.
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      Thank you Randall - I don't know Ingram - what is it?
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    I think the leaflet distribution strategy is one of the strategy to reach a number of audiences in your local area. otherwise if you want it to spread nationally and you think it is that people want / need then you can go with email marketing strategy . first it takes some times. but if it works then you make a huge sell.

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      Thank you for your info - how can I build a good list of people interested in my field?
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    Publishing the book on Kindle and other ebook platforms.
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    Building up your community through blogging is a great way to promote your book.

    Publish plant-based cooking themed posts persistently and link to your book at the end of each post.

    Build your blogger friend network too; seek out folks in the plant-based cooking niche. Or authors in that niche.

    Keep creating, keep connecting and you will succeed.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    I still think Amazon is the best platform when starting out with a book.

    You can publish your book as an eBook, paperback book, and an audio book.

    You can also run ads through Amazon.

    It's a one stop shop.

    Want To Grow Your Self Publishing Business?
    Get My #1 Tip To Scale Up Your Business. http://bit.ly/SPF-OI

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