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Hello there, I don't know if this is the right place to ask, if not just tell me or move this thread:

I want to create a blog / website about a topic and want to write in german (because I live in germany and speak germany better than english). I found some good domain name ideas involving .science, .ninja and so on, but in order to use them, I have to make the domain completely english.

This means I have to use buy-your.car instead of kaufe-dein-auto.de
What is your recommendation, stay with kaufe-dein-auto.de or use buy-your.car (from my point of view much cooler for non-professional more personal blogs)? I am concerned that english domains should not be used when the content is german.

PS: My niche not automotive, this was just an example
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    Is it because the german names are already taken, if so then you just have to keep brainstorming.

    If you plan on focusing your efforts in german then it will do you no good to have a english domain name


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      no they are not taken, it is because books-you-will.love sounds cooler to me than books-you-will-love.com
      This does not work in german because those special top level domains are just english. Your second paragraph was the answer I searched, so english domain for german content is not good?
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    If you're writing in German for the German market, I have no idea why you'd want an English domain name.
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      I want it or I am thinking about it because the top level domains are all in english. Of course I could use .de, .net or some of the normal TLDs and that is probably what I am going to do. But I wanted to ehar what you guys say about it
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    You should keep in mind that how your target customers search and familiar to that terms. That's it.
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    It basically depends on your goals. Many pieces of research confirmed that Google understands keywords in domains in all languages. So if you have a domain name in German, this won't negatively affect your SEO traffic.
    Plus, if your main customers are from Germany I can see no logical reason for you to get buy-car.com domain, except if your German clients use English in everyday life.
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      I wouldn't get buy-car.com, I would get buy.car for example. There is a .car domain but no .auto domain (german word for car).
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    Dot com is the preferred extension for commercial businesses. It is what most browsers will use in locating a company web site. It is the extension that will give your business legitimacy and professionalism. If you ever end up selling your web site and business, it is what others prefer to purchase. Dot com names are the most "in demand" and, IMO, offer the most credibility for commercial web sites.

    .car, .science, .ninja and all the rest are lower tier extensions that may seem "cute" or unusual . . . but for a business that sells anything commercially, dot com is the way to go.


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      That was what i mentioned before:
      from my point of view much cooler for non-professional more personal blogs
      But anyways, seems like I am going to make it german so I dont have a choice in choosing some new .science tld or similar.
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    If I had a site in German - I would use a German domain name....wouldn't give it a second thought.

    If I see an English domain name - I expect to find an English speaking site.
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    Definitely go with the German domain name Bengin. Even though I know many Germans speak English, there will be a disconnect. Remain aligned. Find a good German domain name to match with a German language site.

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    if your marketing is in German only its best to use the Kaufe-dein-auto.de

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    Ok I have a lot of knowledge in this area. If your site is german then you might as well use a German domain. First of all domain availability is much higher for a foreign name, since all the cybersquatters only steal the English domain names to hijack them and hold them for ransom. Their algorithms which steal all the good domain names and hold them ransom mainly use English. So, because of that, a foreign domain name will be helpful.

    The downside is that you are limiting your result to one locale - German speakers. If your market is niche it may be perfectly fine though.

    You should ask yourself how many German speakers who visit your site speak English and what they would search for. If they normally search the German web then it makes little difference - even preferable to have German name.

    The downside is that with a German name it is harder to expand to a global market - but if you wanted to reach a global market, you would have to also have a site in English and not German. So, for a German site, only German speakers will be able to use it, so a German URL is perfectly fine in this case.

    There are ups and downs to both. Ask yourself your future vision for the site, and also your immediate needs. It sounds like for now, a German domain name will perfectly fine in your case. Hope this helps!
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