What's Your Favorite Marketing Content and Why?

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Of all the marketing content you've seen recently, what is your favorite and why?
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    My favorite Content marketing is unique content because is all about using content to attract and retain visitors, and eventually turn them into customers.
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    I've seen some great TV advertisements in Saudi Arabia for their telecom companies. With the rise of the new media (i.e. social networks), they copied the same quality content to YouTube and other video sharing websites. The content is funny and memorable; I still remember some funny scenes from those TV ads.

    Apart from that, Coca Cola and Pepsi both have good marketing content, especially in the USA (they have a different advertising culture from what we're used to in Europe).
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    Any top blog in my niche definitely floats my marketing content boat Gary.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Word of mouth . . .

    Why? Because it is so powerful, it comes naturally, it's not risky or threatening, it's very "soft" sell, and often you can be convinced to buy something that was not even on your radar.

    Here's a recent example: A neighbor was telling me about a local restaurant I'd never tried. It just happened to come up in our conversation. He loved the place, spent 10 minutes telling me everything about his experience, then told me about a "special" the restaurant was running. So I took my wife to eat there. I'm sure I never would have given the place a try without his (non-marketing) "marketing" pitch.

    I spent money where I never would have without the word-of-mouth "unconscious" marketing my friend did on me!


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Video content, especially infotainment.
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    Video is my favorite as a consumer and producer. We are a Culture of Spectators who like to be entertained and informed and video seems to be the Number one way to access content. Its amazing how much video is consumed on Smart Phones instead of watching television which is becoming obsolete with the young people.
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    To me, the best content is all the posts of Brian Dean - creator of Backlinko.
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    Anything by Gary Vaynerchuck is pure gold to me!! I've been following him for some time now and just recently purchased his latest book on Audible. Such insight that man has!
    Dream big. Work hard. Have fun.
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    I really like the type of content Gary V. does, honest, straight forward, no BS, and is his personal view on life and bussiness, not trying to be liked by everybody, just sticking with his position. That type of content i think is the most powerful and appealing for a given audience.
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