What is your favorite and/or least favorite affiliate marketing product?

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Hi Everybody,

This is Jeff from Internet Wealth Products. We are always looking for the best affiliate marketing tools, products, and services on the internet. Let me know what is your favorite and/or least favorite tool, product, or service and why. Also, I would like to get your opinion on Jeff Paul's Internet Millions...what do you think? I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,
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    I dont use many tools, but my favourite ones are Wordpress (of course), WP Robot, Firepow and thats about it!
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      Thanks for the info Rebeccal.
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      What does WP Robot do the Firepow doesn't? I have heard great things about both and am researching prior to purchase...Thanks so much.

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      Originally Posted by RebeccaL View Post

      I dont use many tools, but my favourite ones are Wordpress (of course), WP Robot, Firepow and thats about it!
      Those are what I love too
      A reliable China wholesale website:www.tooay.com
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    Well I used to promote two particular clickbank products, the clickbank code and maverick money makers and I found both of them to do really well then I moved onto blogging to the bank which also sold alot of copies

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    Happy Halloween Warriors!

    Well, to answer Jeff´s question, I have had my most Success with Promoting Maverick Money Makers in Feb. and Mar. 2008! Why? Well, it was selling really hot, then I guess a lot of folks began to misuse Mack Michaels´ 60-Day FULL-Money back guarantee from ClickBank... which of course led to quite a few refunds... I would say about 60%!!!

    But after Mack made some changes to the site and updated the Club´s Info, Refund rates began to slow down and slowly dissappeared. Now I have a steady flow of monthly continuity income coming in from those that remained as members month after month...

    As far as the best tool for Internet Marketing that I have had, it´s definitely without a doubt, the Google Keyword Tool! Then again, I was only using Adwords to promote Maverick Money Makers at that time. Now a days, I have learned to use other tools and products, BUT haven´t yet had the Success as Maverick Money Makers in the first couple of months in 2009. I was also direct linking back then, and when I decided to begine using a landing page, well, that´s when sales began to drop down, even though I was beginning to build a list.

    I am still doing quite a bit of testing to see if I should go back to Direct linking (since I did make ALL of my MMM Sales earlier this year with it) or if I should continue building my list with a Landing Page, even though I haven´t made any sales with it yet... Currently working on changing my copy to a review site style to see what kind of results come out of that...

    If anyone has any good/GREAT advice, believe me, I am ALL Ears!

    Happy Halloween to ALL from Munich, Germany!

    Howard aka "MR. B-I-G"
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