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I just revamped my website and would like to get your input. Pro Search Plus - Hotel Website Design, Hotel SEO and Hotel Printing

Thanks and I'll look forward to your suggestions as to how I can improve the site for SEO.
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    You have about 2.5 seconds to let the customer know what you're selling.

    It took me longer than that to figure it out.

    So work on that first
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      Originally Posted by RebeccaL View Post

      You have about 2.5 seconds to let the customer know what you're selling.

      It took me longer than that to figure it out.

      So work on that first
      The guy is selling design work for hotel not an ebook

      1) Sort out your sample page as the pics is at the bottom of the page when they open. I use firefox (maybe also call it "Our Profile" instead) Also make the pics a bit bigger - also when they open up +- 700 width
      2) The text is very small to read - so bring it up 1 point or so
      3) On you forum add proper logo
      4) When you select a page the bold writing don't look good in the grey bar - maybe a color or nicer text would look good

      Personally I wouldn't bother with a video as you offer enough info for visitors to decide and as you say the speed of videos can be a problem sometimes

      Apart from that well done

      my 2c
      Do you want 30 back-links in my PRIVATE BLOG network for ONLY $20 ???

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        From a copywriting standpoint you're shooting yourself in the foot with all the self grandization. Here is how your sales verbage looks (taken from your home page)...

        We are the leaders...
        Our dedicated team
        We will help...
        Pro Search Plus will...
        Pro Search Plus is considered...
        Our company is...
        We only use...
        Our pricing,...
        Shop around, you'll see we are...
        This is our...
        We are happy...

        Please don't take this the wrong way, but these are what are known as BFD phrases. Also known to elicite the dreaded SFW response.

        I understand you think this is how 'corporate speak' is supposed to sound, and if your website was not a sales tool you could probably get away with it.

        But your website is your first introduction and is most definitely a sales tool. Don't waste a good opportunity by focusing on the me me me. This is your opportunity to focus on your customer. Make it about You and Your, eg, the potential client.

        Perhaps this would be a good time to hire someone that knows how to write triggers that create sales. What you have now is a 'Back Button Special'. There is nothing to emotionally hook your visitors.

        I'll bet it looks good to you and/or your team, and that would be a natural's all about you. All the hooks are focused on what you want to read, eg, how good you are, and what you can do.

        The site looks good, but the copy needs massive help.

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    Looks very professional. I would probably offer something of value to capture email addresses and I'd also use a marketing video on the home page.
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    I have to agree with mpthink, a video that shows the different types of services you offer would do a better job of explaining what your site it is about rather than just static text.

    I really like how your samples are laid out, clean, crisp and very professional looking.
    The work you've done for clients is great too you so you might want showcase your work by having them as flash images on your main site as an automatic slide show once your prospects hit your main page.
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    You have a good professional looking website. I think you should give links to your main services on the home page rather than only on "services" page. In this way your visitors can see your services in one click rather than two.
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    This is actually a great looking site.

    I think you need to highlight the previous and next buttons in there. I didnt know the portion below the header would move. Perhaps it would help to change the color to highlight it.

    Aside from that, it looks really professional.
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    OK great feedback and thank you all for your suggestions. I have changed the buttons a tad to blend in better with the site. Also the images no long slide through the buttons. I'm thinking about adding a video to my site but fear a long download time. I really don't want to lose visitors due to loading times. I'll have to look into streaming videos to see what they are all about. Keep the suggestions flowing. It really helps me a ton. You guys rock!

    brit momaday leight
    Larry Leight

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    I've now increased the text font up one point. I agree it was a tad hard to read. It's much better now and doesn't kill the design.

    As for the samples page, the coding is a pain for me to alter to bring up the images higher. It much more involved than simple CSS. I'd have to go through a few java scripts to work out that issue.

    On my forum I have no idea how to alter anything other than using templates. I don't know how to alter templates so I'm going to have to do some research.

    Thanks for the input! I do appreciate it.

    brit momaday leight
    Larry Leight

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    That's why I love you guys. I will have to look at this from a prospective client view and rewrite the whole thing. I do want to make the site more inviting and user friendly without jamming my big head into their thoughts. This might take some time but I'm sure I'll be able to figure it out.

    Now part of the reason why I was so aggressive about enforcing the "We, Us, Pro Search Plus" deal was due to our heavy branding efforts. Thinking that we could drive home the belief into people. I'm guessing this may be too aggressive and that a more subtle approach is better. When my sales people are on the phone we are very aggressive and it has shown to be a much better way of generating income. I thought website literature would be the same way.

    brit momaday leight
    Larry Leight

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