How to Relaunch a Sleeping book with Amazon

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Hi Friends,

I had published 3 related books last year on Amazon and Kindle using CreateSpace, I had priced the books at the minimum possible, I purchased one copy for myself and was very happy to hold my books in my hand that I was proud to have written and designed myself.

Then I did no promotions at all. I got about 10 sales in the whole year. Got 2 five star reviews over the last year.

Now I have built a website with sales pages and squeeze page to capture emails and a followup sequence to promote my sequence of books, with the first one being free and the others increasing in price. I plan to use google adwords to drive traffic to my website. I have increased the price of my books to cover advertising. I have 2 questions

1> Should I offer the user on my website sales page the option to purchase via clickbank as well as amazon ? Clickbank will give me higher profits and amazon will give me better exposure on their network when I get good number of sales and reviews. I can code it so that if the user is sent by clickbank affiliate then the amazon check out will be hidden. Is this a good idea ?

2> Should I ReLaunch the books on Amazon ? Since my books on amazon have a bad track record of low volume, its future placement may be adversely hampered. I have never tried the free promotion on kindle select. To get a good rank I am thinking if I should delete the old books and start again creating a new version or relaunch the same books with a new createspace account. I am not sure if getting into the "Hot New Releases" would make a huge difference, but I want to avoid the negative effect of a long period of no sales that may hinder the future performance of my books. Is this a valid concern or will I somehow be penalized for tying to outsmart the amazon system ?

Before I start advertising on adwords, I need to decide if relaunching on amazon would be a better idea or is there any reason to keep my current books with low sales volume and few reviews ?

Please share your thoughts and advice if you have any experience with amazon rankings,


Al Khidr.
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    Thanks Mods for Approving my first post here !
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    Since you are building your blog and list Al just begin promoting the book through your blog posts. Keep creating, keep networking by helping bloggers in your niche, and your sales will grow steadily over time.

    As for question #1, are you on KDP Select? If so you cannot sell on another platform anyway because it breaks the terms of service. Even if you are not on KDP Select I'd sell through 1 platform to avoid confusion. 1 call to action to buy in 1 spot, and folks will buy it in that 1 spot.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Thanks Ryan,
      I do not have a blog, my website is a sales page.
      I am not on KDP select - I wonder if clickbank or amazon will convert ppc traffic better.

      Is it a good idea to relaunch the books on amazon through a new createspace id or shall I promote the existing books ?

      Al Khidr
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    I found that the amazon ranking algorithm updates every hour so lack of performance in the past may not impact my future performance that much I think.

    I read that "Its never to late to make the top sellers list on amazon" - If that is true then no need to relaunch my book just before I start advertising I think - Am I correct ?

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