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I have a Youtube Channel. I'd like to promote these using social media. What is the best way of going about this?

I'd be grateful if you could bear in mind that I have no social media experience at all when giving your responses.

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    Spend a little money to hire people to promote your YT channel using their social media. You can start to try it out with fiverr providers, or go to find someone or a professional company to do it as you like (custom) on freelancer.com (which is more expensive certainly).

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    You really have to have clear what your audience is, either if you want to doit yourself or hire someone to do it for you, i would suggest you start by doing it yourself so you can try different things and see what is working better, then spend real money in it. But it really starts by using your logic, think what is your ideal audience (what type of visitor is really beneficial for you bussiness, not just attract anybody) then figure out in what social media they hang out the most, then in what group, page, hashtag, etc... you can locate them. Then just give them something they can really value as a lure to lead them to your YT channel
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    I'd gain social media experience so you get the experience Roger

    Build your friend network through social media, and through YouTube. Comment on folk's updates, those people being in your niche. Share their content. As you befriend these folks, some will promote you and your YouTube channel, expanding your reach. This is a super simple strategy that reaps great returns over the long haul.

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    You should learn how social media works, then once you have an understanding, you will see how you should promote things like youtube videos to your colleagues/followers/etc.

    It helps to be in a specific niche too, although not all successful youtuber's follow this model. Make sure you make it clear to like/share/subscribe, and make it easy for people to do so. You should also consider advertising on Youtube.
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    Learn how to rank your videos through the description and tags. You can also do something called "view jacking" where you look at similar videos someone else is doing, and try to syphon the traffic by appearing in the "recommended videos" on the side...also by ranking
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      Originally Posted by Pablo Visconti View Post

      Learn how to rank your videos through the description and tags. You can also do something called "view jacking" where you look at similar videos someone else is doing, and try to syphon the traffic by appearing in the "recommended videos" on the side...also by ranking
      Could you expand?
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    Can you give us a better idea of what your channel is about. I run social media accounts for start ups and small businesses for a living and with the info you provides I would have no way of even starting to help you.
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    Also try using a logo intro you can use on ads, video posts, your channel, etc. Something which unifies a theme for branding.
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    Hey There,

    Start posting content in your chosen niche's hang out spots; such as the sites they hang out at.

    Also increase content on all major social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram.

    Nothing too crazy, just posting a few times a day.

    Also, reach out to other Facebook / Instagram influencers and see if you can get exposure for a small fee.
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    Never forget that quality content is the most important thing. Also encourage engagement in your uploads in the comments section.

    After that, promote your videos on Instagram/Facebook etc.,

    Leveraging the power of influencers in your niche is also a great tactic.
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    Here's some tips for growing a YT channel:

    1. Make sure that you already have great content.
    2. Contact influencers and ask to do a collaboration or ask them if they can give their audience a shout out about you through their channel or social media profiles (provided that step 1 checks out).
    3. Promote every single video on social media (Instagram is in most cases the strongest one for this).
    4. Ask your friends and family to share the content through their social media profiles.
    5. Create a separate website with written content similar to the videos you publish and make sure that they 'complete' each other, so that you can send traffic between them.
    6. Create an email list and delve into email marketing as well.
    7. Try to predict the next "big thing" in your market, what the people want to see. 1000 degree knife vs. 10 water balloons? Do a 1000 degree knife vs 10 balloons filled with milk (or whatever). Do something similar but different, and if possible, better.

    Start with these steps and they should take you somewhere at least
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