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Good evening,

I am Igor and I live in Spain. In this year I have studied Master in Digital Marketing at a Spanish University. I would like to go to USA to improve my knowledge in Marketing, practice my English and be part of other culture.

I have seen some Universities that offers Marketing Masters. But I want to go to a Marketing School where could I use all of I am studyng in a project or company, internship for example.

Could you help me?

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    Well "digital marketing" is "digital marketing". More clearly, good marketing is good marketing is good marketing. What makes you feel you need an American point of view when it comes down to digital marketing. Did you not trust what you learned while you were in Spain in college?

    Luckily you found the Warrior Forum. This should be your new "schooling" to study from, and you can learn everything you want all from the comforts of beautiful Spain. But if you want to move to USA then great! If that's a personal desire, then do it, and go after your ambitions. Dont let anyone hold you back (including me).

    Just understand that learning good direct response marketing can be attained by studying the Warrior Forum.... from actual 6-figure marketers and millionaires. Good luck!!
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    Randall said it Igor; Warrior educates effectively. Traditional schooling can help some but Warrior plus taking action today on lessons learned educates you like few other methods. Dive in. Read posts. Take notes. Study notes. Study more. Buy a digital marketing course from Warriors you grow to trust. Then after reading/listening and study, immediately put knowledge into action. Practice. Create. Connect. Learn from life experience.

    My greatest marketing education is success and failure in real world settings because I never forget lessons learned in life. But I forgot 99% of lessons learned in the classroom from college days.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    So - the advice is to drop out of school and read the forum? Not a good place to come for career advice.

    And why would someone in Spain ask global members where he should attend school?
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    Anyplace that enables you to "innovate" in your own way. Anyplace that recognizes and promotes your "unique" approach to marketing to individuals and the masses.

    Some of my successful mentors were formally educated in marketing. Outside of the formal education they had a unique ability to innovate and be successful. Others that were formally educated in marketing did not have the unique ability to innovate and became teachers of formal marketing.
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    I'm self taught in marketing. I'm not sure any university courses would be current enough for you to learn much.

    Also why not target the Spanish speaking market? There's likely to be less competition. And you can make money by building Spanish equivalents of popular English sites that don't have non-English equivalents.
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      I want to improve my English and Marketing is a proEnglish area. Also, I would like to meet marketers to get good contacts and be part of the community. I like to have international experience and back to Spain after knowing USA. I could learn out of Universities like schools... I do not know too much. It is not all about Marketing, it is about develop me like a person. Thanks.
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    The best advice I can give you is to look around, and see what's working now. (There are so many ways you can do this these days; think of all of the marketplaces out there that will allow you to see what's ranking, and selling well).

    I'm also a huge fan of online learning. (Here's a tip that will serve you better than any single suggestion that I could possibly offer: Just google for "best free marketing online courses", also make note of the many online learning platforms, many of which include a variety of free courses; there are also some services that offer FREE courses from prominent American Universities such as M.I.T. and Harvard. (edx.org is a good place to start if you're interested in that sort of thing)).

    No matter what your goals, another great place to look, is the library.

    Check out some of these classics that I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about advertising or marketing:

    Breakthrough Advertising. This is an awesome advertising book by Eugene M. Schwartz. This book can teach you how to write awesome marketing creatives, no matter what year it is, who your end user demographic is, and no matter what niche you're in.

    Scientific Advertising. This is a powerful advertising book by the legendary Claude C. Hopkins. This book is actually out of copyright, and can be obtained for free. It's an awesome book, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to sell stuff using the written word.

    How To Write A Good Advertisement. If you want to write powerful advertisements, then consider checking this timeless classic from Victor O. Schwab.

    Obvious Adams. Another timeless classic from Robert R. Updegraff.This might be one of my favorite entrepreneurial and business books of all time. Because the simple things in life work the best.
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