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Hello warriors,

I had recently decided to try my hand at affiliate marketing. I tried offering this small business product in the small biz services ads on CL in a few select cities in the us. I had responses from people interested in each city but they were not what I was expecting.

I had placed an edited email the product provider had given me as the ad and kept getting responses from people saying they were interested but wondered if I had any more information available... I have been kinda at a loss for words to say other than to take a look at the link in the ad and to watch the video that is provided on the sales page(not in those exact words). So any help would be greatly appreciated. I am posting a link to one of my ads below. If this is not allowed please let me know or(mods please remove) Thanks in advance everyone...

This affiliate area for the product provides emails twitter ads ezine ads as well as banners but have not received a response from support on what to do when I get the response I have been receiving.
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  • Hi goliathseo,

    I can understand that if you are new to affiliate marketing, free ads on Craigslist probably look like a good idea, but they are against the rules. Here is some more info about it.

    I'm really surprised your ad is still up, especially since you posted a raw hop link. Affiliate links are not allowed by Craigslist, although there are things that some affiliates do that are pretty sneaky that get around the rules. One of the ways CL catches affiliates is they encourage their users to report affiliate links and they have lots of users that love to do it.

    Here is an article about how CL cleans up spamvertising which is what they call affiliate marketing.

    Below is the CL Terms of Service that prohibits CL affiliate links and ads.

    Craigslist TOS
    You agree not to post, email, or otherwise make available Content:
    k) that constitutes or contains "affiliate marketing," "link referral code," "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or unsolicited commercial advertisement
    Also some affiliate networks prohibit CL advertising and if you are caught doing it they can withhold your commission.

    Again I understand it probably looked like a good idea, but I doubt you would be able to get away with this for very long. There are other ways to do affiliate marketing that are free and won't get you in trouble. Keep reading the forum and I'll see if later I can search out and find some good posts for you to read here if you'd like some pointers.

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    Thanks but my posts have been in the small biz services ads section and at least 2-5 have been up for a little under a week without being flagged for removal. So any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for the reply.

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    Hi there goliathseo,

    If you want a really good in depth course on affiliate marketing I would suggest checking out Google Sniper by my good friend George Brown. It has a lot of great content and is a true step by step guide on how to affiliate market and covers everything you need to know from product research to setting up your site to SEO. I highly recommend this.

    Best regards,

    Paul D.
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    Will check into it. Thanks!

    Do you want to make successes or excuses? Success? Alright then... See what's in store for you....
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    A good affiliate marketing course will be very useful!
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