Journaling and Task Listing Your Way to Success

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Hi Warriors!

For those of you who know the power of journaling or to-do task list making, you might want to check out The Journal. I downloaded it yesterday and I LOVE it!

How do I use a Journal or task list to increase profits by $20-30k each year? Tasks lists are easy - I divide mine up into:

1.)Lenses or Knols or Hubs to be created for clients
2.) Ghostwriting projects to be completed
3.) PLR to be produced and uploaded then released

Journaling is a bit different - it's a twofold process. I journal about obstacles and sometimes just writing it down helps me to work through it. I journal about goals and I set the bar pretty high in some and not so high in others. (I like to look back on it to see what my thoughts were). I also map out plans.

The software really helps. Here are some of the things I love about The Journal:

1.) I can search my entries. So if I talk about a particular project or goal and later can't remember the details, I can search for a keyword associated with it.

2.) I can insert bookmarks, hyperlinks, tables, images, etc. It comes with emoticons (those smiley faces and other images that we use in forums). I can insert a pre-made template that gives me prompts on what to write about, such as, "I'm reading," "I accomplished, or "Planning."

3.) I can format it like I would an online document - bold, italicized, centered, etc. And I can categorize my entries which is perfect for the multiple projects I have - PLR, eBook sites, web 2.0 marketing, etc. It spells checks for you, does word count, and gives statistics on your journaling.

4.) You can import and entry! If I happen to be off somewhere using my Dragon Naturally Speaking mobile version and come home and upload it, I can have it imported into my journal for me. Works awesome!

5.) The Go feature is cool - I can Go To: a random day, a specific day, back a month or a year or forward a month or a year (love this - have I met my goals?)

6.) I can set reminders and tag certain things as special events, special days, appointments, etc.

7.) You can also post the entry to your blog! You set up a blog profile, which gives it the login info, and it posts it for you! I love this feature.

8.) You can grab a web page and import it into your journal! Talk about building a swipe file!! You just type in the URL and it looks exactly like it does on the domain.

9.) You can set a stopwatch timer for your journaling!

I can see many ways to use this software. You can use it for your blog marketing, setting a timer to make sure you work for at least 15 minutes a day on your blogs, for example.

I LOVE it.

Google The Journal by David Michael to find it. It’s awesome!
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