A Large Multi-Niche Site vs. Small Micro-Niche Sites

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Hi guys, i recently was thinking about diversifying my income, and i wanted to start a website. I've been thinking every aspect of what i should do, should i start a branded multi-niche site or hundreds of small micro-niche sites?

For the multi-niche site, i was thinking of making something similar to "10Beasts.com" or "PCmag.com". I am already earning a good amount on Youtube with a similar style, but i just want to get the traffic of google too. I also have money and time to invest into it.

For the micro-niche sites i was thinking of creating around 15 websites per month with 30-40 articles each. Some examples would be "Knifeup.com" and "Showerchamp.com/"

I have a team of writers which can create around 10-15 high quality articles a day.

Any opinions would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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