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by wuzov
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Hello, I would like to build a website in Croatian niche, should I pick .com or .hr domain name? What will provide better results?
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    What topics or subjects will your web site include? That will be your niche.

    People who live in Croatia or those that speak Croatian might be your target audience but they are most likely not your niche.

    Not knowing anything about Croatia, my suggestion is this: get a dot com if you plan to sell anything or conduct any type of business at your web site. It is the universally accepted extension for commercial business conducted over the Internet.


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  • I'd say just go for dot com and play it safe. Who knows you may end up selling outside of Croatia and dot com will always be the best option for that.
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    What is the Croatian niche? If you're going to sell anything online, just use a .com extension. It's simple, plus.... any particular domain extension isn't going to make or break your success. It's the marketing that will make you succeed and that's all you need to focus on.
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    Thanks to everyone who posted, will go with .com
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