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Hello Warriors,

I am interested in buying an established website that is already generating $3K+ in monthly revenues from ads, subscription, or other marketing means. Among other things I am a content developer--written how-to books, 20+ blogs, articles, technical books, and one course on building and using your resume as a personal development tool. My genre is in the job-career-business-entrepreneurial field.

My thought would be to buy a site that is already established, has traffic, followers, and subscribers in my niche, and then use that site to enhanced it by developing a lot more content or inserting the content I have already created. I have been looking at Flippa for years and got some ideas, but I wanted to check with the forum with these questions:
1. How much should I spend to buy a site like this that is generating at least $3K per month?
2. Should I even consider buying a site in my niche with the thought of bringing in my own content to enhance it?
3. Should I instead do something else on my own with the content that I have? (I am not a web developer or digital marketer.)
4. Where else can I go to look for these types of sites to purchase other than Flippa?
5. What resources can you share with me regarding how to purchase established websites?
6. What would you do if you had $10-$15,000 to spend on buying or building an online business so that it is generating $3K+ in profit in 3-6 months?
7. The best resources to find the right type of web developer that can help with content sites.

I would like to focus on developing content while having someone else handle everything else. Whatever recommendations you have would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Warriors!

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