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I remember I used to see posts about Warriors who had bad experiences with PayPal, and I went years with no problems. But in 2017 and 2018, I definitely had some bad experiences.

The worst one was where I got challenged on more than 100 hours of completed work. I uploaded some documentation with dozens of pages of conversations between the customer and myself, IP logs, emails addresses used. In short I provided ample evidence that the work was completed and the customer was not being honest. I called Paypal and the person I spoke with told me that he has virtually never seen a person with what I provided lose, and I would be fine. Well I wasn't fine, and it was nearly impossible to appeal.

This was with me having been with PayPal for more than 15 years, and very few incidents. Well over $1 million in sales, and the $1000+ loss for me represented dealing with people who really had no concern for my long and good track record with Paypal, and just took the money.

So fast forward to now... I have moved to some merchant processors (BluePay, Vantiv, Bluefin, Moneris, QuickPay, etc). I am well diversified, and it has been really nice being able to say goodbye to approximately 90% of the business I did with Paypal, and hoping to reach near 100% by the first of 2019.

And moreover, I am not recommending Paypal to my customers, who do multiple millions per year with my software products. The providers I use not only beat PayPal on pricing, but they pay me money too! It has been a "no brainer" to get away from Paypal.
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    Yeah, I had to learn the hard way about paypal all the way back in 2011.

    I made too much money, too quickly and they froze me out. They didn't want to do business with me basically because I had a product launch go successfully lol.

    Luckily now there are more alternatives than ever and I'll never ever directly do business with Paypal again.

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