4 Reasons Why Nobody Will Steal Your Online Business Idea (for Nervous IMers)

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Sometimes I chuckle.

Guys; I totally get being scared as a new internet marketer. Been in those shoes my friends.

In the same breath, it helps to see how silly fear is, this funny illusion.

Some Warriors (OK a lot more than some hehehehe) explain how they fear sharing their business idea "because someone will steal it."


Here's why:

1: We Live in Abundance

Loss is illusion. Fear is an appearance, a magic trick, The Matrix or whatever ya call it.

You appear to lose a thing/idea but Reality is the idea is in consciousness, and no lack of consciousness or ideas exist.

Ya never really lose. Nobody does. If you appear to lose, it is temporary on the physical plane, but not Really Real. Abundance exists.

A few hours after I bought the domain "bloggingfromparadise dot com" in Fiji 4 years ago an aspiring travel blogger emailed me saying he wanted to gobble it up but saw I had it. I then thought, why doesn't he just buy "blogfromparadise dot com" and take his own special path. The idea was there, but he was too afraid or stuck on loss, to see it.

You don't reasons 2-4 at all....but.....

2: Many Are Pros Here

I have retired to a life of island hopping. I have an established blogging brand. House sitting all over the world. Right now, I'm sitting in a multi-million-dollar apartment in Manhattan, on the Upper East Side. A house, in freaking Manhattan, doing a sit, creating, connecting, an established professional.

Do you honestly think I am on the prowl for new business ideas to steal from a new internet marketer with zero experience? These are probably great ideas guys; not mocking ya. Just saying we pros - many of whom are Warriors - have created our dream lives based on years of service, and are....well....we are good, thank you....

3: Most Warriors Will Run it into the Ground then You Can Pick it Up

If someone grabs your business idea and a domain name they will likely run it into the ground in 3-6 months, then will quit, then you can buy a similar domain and execute on it. Or you can execute on a similar idea now and domain name while the IMer runs the site into the ground with shady, low energy, fear-based marketing tactics.

4: The Idea May Be Clever but the Messenger Ain't There Yet

I've seen some IMers go live with a site and worry that someone will steal their idea and grow it into billions.

The amount of creating, connecting and persistence to pop up on the big dawg's radar screens, the folks with seed money, well, this commitment is epic. Meaning its bat poop delusional to believe as a new, green IMer you'll pop up on the radar screen of such an influencer. You have QUITE a few circles to move up in, my little sweet robbins, before that could even happen.

In essence, nobody knows who you are and you won't pop up on anybody's radar screen for quite a while. At least until you get your patent or trademark or whatever you're doing to feel safe and secure.

Carry on, guys.

The Recipe

You have a neat business idea you feel passionate about. Then you begin to execute, learning from pros, sharing your vision, creating value and bringing people on board.

Fearing somebody will steal any business idea is like a guppy panicked for water at the depths of the Mariana Trench.

Just run with it guys.

The only time when someone appears to have a business idea stolen is when they gave so much of their attention, energy, fear and paranoia to the idea being stolen that they had to release it in some way, shape or form. Classic case of as within, so without. But if you quit worrying and get to following your passion, creating and connecting, you'll be on the path to seeing it through and your passion, vision and smart work over years will create something special.

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    your post is very intresting and helpful
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    With all major online companies etc. you have the privacy option where you can hide sensitive personal and business information. No one real customer or client will ever compel you to disclose your personal information to them. This is the simplest rule that has made the online world possible and working.
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    What about intellectual property? Is it outdated?
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    If you think of it enough a big reason why is that most people simply don't take action, they think about the idea and imagine it happing but still not do the necessary steps to make it happen.
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    There is nothing new under the sky. Just a new view on the topic(s) from the individual taking action, and releasing their take into the world.

    I myself had a hard time understanding that, until I took action, and started seeing results!

    Yes, someone may go and implement your business ideas, but nobody has access to your unique implementation of the idea itself
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    Early on in my time as a member of the Warrior Forum, I happened to mention one of my money sites in a post I made trying to help another member. I regret that gesture to this day.


    Because within a week or so, two different WF members took my site idea, copied my content word for word and made their own "clones" of my web site. A member here alerted me to the piracy of my original content and my business model.

    It took considerable time (months) to track the offending members down, get their web hosts to not publish my content, and eventually put things back in order. It's an experience I will never forget and don't want to go through again. I have no idea how much money or business I lost - it probably wasn't much.

    However . . .

    The whole episode was unpleasant, stressful, and wasted a huge amount of my time unnecessarily.

    My point, of course, is that people online (even WF members) do steal ideas, products, and intellectual property. And even though they did not end up with viable businesses as a result (at least, not that I am aware of), it was a damaging experience for me and wasted a lot of my time.

    After you're bitten once, you tend to pay more attention to the fact that it can happen to anyone at any time.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Your posts are always helpful and informative.
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