What is better and why? Cheap offer+oto OR more expensive product?

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Hey guys,

I think the title of this thread isnt clear enough so I will try to explain and ask in more details.

What is better and why?

To release Cheap($7) pdf report and later offer more expensive OTO(one time offer) with more detailed report in video format, facebook mastermind group, support ($47)


To release $47 product instantly without any cheap front end, without OTO.


From the first view it seems that its better to get more customers by offering cheap product and later upsell them higer prices OTO, but maybe its better offer higher priced offer straightaway without any upsell or OTO.

What is more profitable? what is more better for people/customer?
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    $1 or $7 better.. the cheaper the better!

    You want to get them in the door and get a taste of you... then show them the room
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    Originally Posted by naviown View Post

    What is better and why? . . . What is more profitable? what is more better for people/customer?

    There are two things you're ignoring (or at least haven't talked about):

    1- What are the goals that you have in releasing your offer? Are you going to try to build a list? Introduce yourself to the niche? Build trust and authority with a growing audience? Or is this a one-and-done hit and run?

    2- Where is the traffic coming from? If these are subscribers who already know and trust you then the offer strategy will be different than if the audience is cold prospects that know nothing about you or your products. If these aren't subscribers, I think you ought to consider a free offer that qualifies your audience as being targeted before you try to charge people (even $7) for the right to receive you information.

    Put the audience first before you focus on your own profit. I know others will tell you differently, but I believe what's best for the audience always comes first. In your situation, I believe it's best that your audience know and trust you before you ask them for money.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Hi N,

    Whatever offer you get clear on yields the most money.

    Steve Scott made $30,000 a month through $3 eBooks because he got clear on selling $3 eBooks. Meanwhile, many folks selling $10,000 courses or packages or opportunities fail horrible because they are not clear aka have tons o' fears related to selling something for a neutral means of exchange called "$10,000".

    Your clarity and detachment or fear and attachment determines easy or tough sales, independent of the number attached and product created.


    PS....sell both Be abundant.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    From my personal experience of releasing already 7 products, 6 of my own and 1 with a jv partner. I have found low cost products, such as $7 to $9 will yield the most leads in the door.

    From there the OTO's and then the follow up you have in your auto-responder will help in selling your OTO's from your initial offers, and also higher priced products, your own or other people's products.

    I like to get them into the door initially, then sell them on the back end.

    Always make sure in the same hand on the backend you are building that Know, Like, and Trust factor.
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    From my experience, people are always looking into the cheapest offer that they can get. They tend to shy away from the expensive one. The price make all the difference. Even though the product is really good and the benefits outweigh the price, they will not even consider taking a look at it because of the huge amount of money they will be letting go of. It's like dining at an expensive restaurant and all you're looking at are the prices on the menu instead of the specialty of the house.
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    the more experienced people are looking for expensive offers if they have alot to offer. i am willing to pay $47 or $199 for something if it worthwhile info. do not sell a $47 offer with rehashed info. you will piss alot of people
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