Is Twitter Just Another Spam Site Now?

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Okay, I have my own Twitter Product. It teaches people how to get leads from Twitter, and turn them into buyers.

But, I've noticed, that Twitter has just turned into a spam site, with promo after promo, and the relationship aspect of it is simply not there any more.

What are your thoughts on Twitter to build your business?
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    OK....Twitter is old news, way old news.......I want to be far ahead of Twitter and not a follower !!...sorry that's how I feel about making money online.
    Lead the way and never follow.
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      Originally Posted by Mr Money Maker View Post

      OK....Twitter is old news, way old news.......I want to be far ahead of Twitter and not a follower !!...sorry that's how I feel about making money online.
      Lead the way and never follow.
      I have to agree. At least, it's on it's way down vs. being at the top of popularity. I also think you should be looking for the next opportunity on the horizon.
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    You choose who you follow on twitter - this reflects the messages you get.

    Create separate account for your sites/products, and keep them away from your personal one which you use for networking or friends.

    As to business building, people get more blind to twits with advertising.

    It is still a great tool for link building but I find better results with social bookmarking like
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    I hardly visit Twitter anymore. A lot of the people I used to have conversations with are no longer active. Some of them even announced they were deleting their accounts. It went from fun conversations to mostly all affiliate links. I'm sure it's not that way for everyone though.
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    I don't know the answer to your question, but I did notice where Twitter's biggest cheerleader (Perry Belcher) just deleted his account and all 140k+ of his followers.
    I wonder what he and all of his affiliates on his last high ticket product would have to say about this.
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      No way...

      Every time I go to a new blog, or a service site and they have a follow me tag I visit to connect with someone new. Often times I'll take a service provider that is active on twitter over other sites.

      I have met limo drivers, web designers, friends of friends, goorus, and made all sorts of real connections through twitter.

      All you have to do is drop anyone that you don't want to follow. Poof they are gone. No more spam. It's like email only easier to unsubscribe and keep out the junk.

      But if you're auto following and number hunting well that's your choice. Pay the consequences.

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    Weird Mark - my experience is the opposite.

    I see much less spam and much more real people.

    Twitter is what you make it.

    If you build up your following artificially just to give yourself a big ego boost - you end up floating in spam.

    If you just interact with real people and retweet good content as well as provide good content - you get a great experience

    nothing to see here.

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    My PERSONAL Twitter account is clean. I don't follow anybody I don't know. The only exceptions are celebrities and a few authority websites (SEOMoz, CollegeHumor, news sites, etc).

    If you want to use Twitter for your business, you need to come across as an authority for your niche. No question about it. IMO, the days of fake personal accounts and posting affiliate links every now and then are long gone.


    "If you have a strong enough why, you can bear almost any how."

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