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How easy it is to sell make money online products via classified ads and phone conversation? I want to know if more leads can be generated with a phone number than just having an ad and a website where they could learn about the offer themselves. Have you had experience doing one or both? I am only seeking answers from those who have actually done it. I can split test and find out myself but why not learn from others who actually been in the trenches!
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    It really depends on many factors, such as:

    -The offer you choose to promote
    -The ad source, such as posting your ad on grocery store display boards, in apaprtment complexes, newspapers, etc.
    -The Ad Copy

    My friend posted a few ads here in our local, disocunt paper, The Nifty Nickel, but found most of the leads generated weren't targeted enough to convert to sales.

    I'd say choose an ad source relevant to your offer, create some copy or have it done for you, and get tracking set up so you know what works and what doesn't.
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      How many leads were generated, how many calls? And what was the newspaper circulation? My only concern if i would get more leads via phone number or just a website link. Obviously selling will depend on my sales skills , i'm only concerned about lead generation.
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    Originally Posted by 55sadhikar View Post

    How easy it is to sell make money online products via classified ads and phone conversation? Does anyone think its better than placing an ad and website?

    Of course, the ease of selling any offer depends upon the specific product, the audience, and the marketing done (including the offer itself).

    Typically, "make money online" offers are not easy to sell given the extreme level of competition, the reputation of money making offers in general, and the number of people trying to get into this marketplace who have no clue what they're doing because they have never made any money online.


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    I have done extensive newspaper advertising with good success rates. You won't get results from just one or two ads; you must be prepared to run multiple insertions over time. Some of my ads have run for years unchanged.

    I have found that including a phone number in addition to your website will dramatically increase inquiries. However, the leads generated will almost always require persistent followup (email, snail mail, telephone) for conversion.

    An excellent resource for testing a wide variety of newspapers relatively inexpensively is Currently they are running a special for sampling 20 weekly newspapers with a combined circulation of 1 million for $180.
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