[Super Confused] What is the correct way to setup google analytics split tests in a funnel?

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I have a website funnel, landing page, middle page, sales page and then thank you page.

So I want to setup a split test on the landing page and then also on the sales page. But if I used google optimized to create split test versions of a page, I would have the control url and the variation url, now this is where the problem comes in...

What I want to do is track the entire funnel from landing page to thank you page, in google analytics you have the options of putting in the url steps of the funnel, so is it possible to do that if I have 2 versions of the same page?

How do I make analytics count both split test urls as a single page

Thank you for your time
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    Hey There,

    May I suggest going to YouTube

    They have the best videos I have found on the topic of Google Analytics.
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    copy google tracking code, then Templates, Custom, and Smart Goals
    Goal types are organized into either Template (pre-filled configuration), Custom set-ups, or Smart Goals. The goal type that's right for you will depend on the needs of your particular business model.

    A blogger, for example, is more likely to be interested in average time on site or pages per visit than an e-commerce seller, for whom a primary metric might be destination goals that track completed sales when visitors reach a designated "Thank You" or order confirmation page.

    Templates will only be provided if you've assigned your property an Industry Category. You can find that drop-down menu on the Admin tab, in the Property column, under Property Settings.

    No category, no goal templates (and those offered to you will change depending on which industry category you select). Template goals are arranged into four categories: revenue, acquisition, inquiry, and engagement. If you can create at least one goal in each category, you'll get a well-rounded snapshot of your visitors and how they're engaging with your website, product, and content.

    Once your category is assigned (don't forget to save after making that change!), you'll be able to chose either template or custom on the goals dashboard.

    For many users, Smart Goals will not be available. To use them, you must first meet a few prerequisites:

    Your AdWords and Analytics accounts must be linked.
    Your AdWords account must have sent at least 500 clicks to your Analytics property (your website) in the past 30 days.
    Your property must have fewer than 10 million sessions in the past month.
    You must activate Data Sharing (found under Admin > Account > Account Settings > Google products and services must be checked) for your website
    Those requirements will exclude many sites, so we're going to skip them for now. You can find out more about Smart Goals on your own should you feel analytically ambitious.

    Setting Up a Goal
    Now we get to the nitty-gritty. To set up a goal for your website within Google Analytics, log in to your dashboard, then click on the Admin tab in the upper left-hand corner. This is the administration section of your website's profile, and it allows you to create goals (found in the View column) among a slew of other tasks:

    How to Set Up Goals and Funnels with Google Analytics

    Click on Goals, and you're whisked away to the goals dashboard. From here, you'll see that you're able to use up to 20 specific goals (the number remaining appears at the bottom left of your goal list) for each property. You can opt to create a new goal, or import an existing one from the woefully underappreciated Analytics Solutions Gallery.

    Either way, choose them carefully, as you will not be able to delete these later on (although you can deactivate and rename them once you're finished with a particular goal). You're limited to 20 goals per View. That's it. No more.

    How to Set Up Goals and Funnels with Google Analytics

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