Is adding coaching to your marketing strategy wise?

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There are two sides to this argument. On the one side, marketers believe that selling low ticket information products to your list will only go so far. They generally don't take action on what they read, so they don't get results, and they either wait for another product to buy, and the cycle repeats. The proposed solution is that they need a coach to show them HOW to do something, and not just TELL them in a book.

The other side is that instead of a customer buying into a coaching program, they should learn through trial and error, through experience. Many marketers feel that coaching is a waste of money, so they don't buy it and they don't offer it.

What do you think?
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    Can you coach effectively and help your client get results? If not, don't add coaching.

    Is your niche conducive to coaching? Many aren't.

    Are you experienced, disciplined, organized, and patient? If not, don't coach.

    There are many other ways to add high ticket assets to your business besides coaching.


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    Coaching and training is very lucrative, IF you are in the right niche and your list contains interested buyers. Usually "make money like this" niches do well for coaching. One good way to create a list of people interested in coachin services is to offer an ebook along the lines of "how to.." - then you know the people who register for the product are already looking into "how to" do something, making them ripe for selling coaching services to
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    I'm a big fan of adding coaching to your offering, here are some of the reasons:

    1. Keeps you close to your clients, working day-by-day, week-by-week gives you other ideas, insights and allows you to test ideas as you add them to the proven ones you help them out with
    2. Forces you to document and work on systems - many entrepreneurs are rather reactive and haphazard the way they approach their own business, coaching forces you to pull together systems that you teach others and I have found that improves your own business
    3. Better chance of getting results for your clients - at the end of the day, that's what really matters - especially when you are building a reputation and or two results-oriented testimonials can go a LONG way to getting you more clients for both your low-end products and your higher-end coaching
    4. Gives you new product ideas - pretty much ALL of my product ideas come from coaching these days - no need to guess or massively test products anymore because coaching IS the test
    5. The money is good, although it is (to some extent) trading time for money...something I have done for the last few years is exchanged coaching for options, shares, other services or a % of results as well as up-front payment...this allows you to leverage your effort more

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    Here are my thoughts on the matter:

    Do you feel comfortable offering coaching. Some people are naturally introverts.

    Are you able to deliver some kind of result to the end client?

    And are you able to deal with keeping the student in line with the coaching, basically holding them accountable to see the coaching through.

    If you've answered YES to the questions above, I believe coaching would be feasible into your business.
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    You should have products at different price points. There's more than one way to coach - you don't have to TALK with clients y'know.
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    A thread on coaching with a signature link directly to an unconvincing coaching offer.

    Didn't see that coming.
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    Originally Posted by markunderdahl View Post

    What do you think?
    In the IM space, it seems anyone can call themselves a coach, but coaching is a specialist skill - it shouldn't be seen as the inevitable upsell from an info product.

    In terms of qualifications, experience or aptitude, most "coaches" aren't worthy of the name.
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    Some people learn by trial and error others learn from direct teaching/coaching. It all depends on the person and what they feel is a more effective learning method.
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