What marketing method are you using right now?

by Heath Sanchez 26 replies
I decided recently that I want to become much more focused with my marketing. I'd definitely rather specialize and be excellent in one thing, than be mediocre at a few things.

I've cut back all of my marketing activities, to focus soley on one simple business model. This involves giving away my absolute best online marketing strategy information for free. I decided that if I can prove myself from the start, then my list will be much more attentive to what I have to say. If I can really help them, then I earn their trust.

My whole philosophy has shifted recently and I'm now at the point where I want to concentrate all of my efforts on genuinely helping people. So my current method is:

1. Giving away my absolute best quality info for free
2. Building relationships/trust over time with my email list
3. Promoting only the products/services that I have tried and love

Where are you at right now with your marketing? What methods are you currently putting to use?
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