Should You Buy This Type Of Expired Domain?

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Some of the expired domains have names of previous owners as anchor text in heavy number.

Should you buy this type of domain? It has a good percentage of other keywords too.
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    What did you mean "heavy number"? Give an example?
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    There's lots of factors to consider with expired domain names. What are you wanting to use them for? Money sites or PBN's? What are the anchor texts? How many of them are there? Is it a site that was blatantly used for SEO purposes? Why did the owner let it expire? Is it already penalized in Google? What does the history look like in

    So many things to consider, you would have to provide more details.
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    In my mind, any possible advantages (are there any?) of expired domains are greatly outweighed by the disadvantages and questions they bring. Do you want your domain to be carrying dead links, associations with unknown sources, and possibly even banned or malicious sites? Who knows what an expired domain really brings into your "house"?

    Google and other search engines know and understand when a domain and the site on it changes hands. They will not continue to reward a new web site on an expired domain based upon the traffic or links a previous owner got.

    Of course, those who sell expired domains continue to push the myth of how great they are.

    Google wants to give it's customers the best, most accurate and relevant search results possible. They are not going to send traffic based on previous (but now dead) links. Your new site pages are going to be different than the old links pointed to the previous site.

    IMO, you're much better off starting with a clean new domain.


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    Hi S,

    Unless you have the same name of the guy, no Here's why; the domain is expired for a reason. .0000001% of the time, folks forget to renew a sensational site with ample valuable content and a high volume of valued links in. The rest of the time, you'll need to work from scratch (may as well buy a new domain) or the amount of time and energy put forth to grow the site into profitability would be better spent creating from a new domain.

    Pass buddy

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    what about the backlinks from the expired domain, will google still consider them?
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    It would be a difficult task for you to "redeem" those expired domains with your niche or your name on each post. Have you considered buying new ones instead? They may be more costly, but you don't need to worry about having other people's name on them.
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    Some people are interested in Buying these Expired domains because these domain names are made on the keyword and are good for getting easy ranking. But now google has phase out EMD update so they don't have any use. People are buying because these domains have high backlinks and high authortity which they used to set up PBN to fool the google webmaster.
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    I have used some bogus named domains with funny keywords linking to them and it didn't affect me , it increased my DA and PA and number of links in google webmasters . After doing that I create 5 - 10k backlinks on .EDU domains with the keywords that are for my clients and it works like a charm every single time
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