ALL IN ONE Obsession and the Cheap Mentality

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It's a recurrent cognitive bias: every 2-3 months new tool appear and there are flow of people who jump in to have "ALL IN ONE".

I mean something which is an autoresponder, a landing page creator, a funnel optimization, hosting and make a coffee if it's possible.


It belongs to the CHEAP MENTALITY.

People who could easily open loans for paying the new LCD TV, or open a bar, restaurants, etc, want to pay as less as possible for the necessary tools for online business.

They don't take it seriously.

YOU NEED to pay for tools. If a tool is made for a specific thing there's a reason.

So you need separate things for autoresponder, landing page creator, hosting, etc.

Cause there is a HUGE RISK in a ALL IN ONE solution.

If the tool crash or is taken over the market, you loose everything. Every funnels, every landing pages, every contacts, etc.

And there's a big chance that a tool which makes too many things can crash, than one platform dedicated to only one.

So i strongly advice to take different tools/platforms for every part of your online strategy.

One for autoresponder, one for landing page, one for hosting, one for domains...

And yes, you have to spend money.

This is a business, not a joke.
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    Considering the amount of money that marketers spend with companies like InfusionSoft, I respectfully don't agree that they have a cheap mentality.

    The problem I see with having everything in separate places is if ANY ONE of those services goes down, the funnel still stops working until it's fixed.

    Ultimately, there's no right or wrong way to build your business.

    If you feel more secure using separate services, cool.

    Right now I have both types of funnels in place; some of my sites use separate services (ActiveCampaign, Thrive, etc) while others are using all in one services.

    At the moment I prefer all in one, it actually works out a lot more expensive than keeping things separate, but it's convenient and I'm happy to spend more if it saves times.

    But you decide to run your business your way

    And yes, you have to spend money.
    Nope, you don't.

    I can build a funnel for free, with just a computer and Internet connection.

    So can you.

    But we'll do it quicker, and better, with a bit of investment.
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