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Hey folks,

I have a domain called Easier Income (no I'm not trying to promote it, it's not even up, just want some feedback) and cannot figure out what to do with it.

I want to create a business around it, but I don't know what.

To give you some context, I am interested in, but wouldn't say I have experience in them:

- Online marketing in general
- Generating traffic
- How to monetize sites
- How to build an online business from scratch

I have gotten some tips from a few people saying that a roadmap on how to get started would be helpful, but would like some more ideas.

I really don't want to scrap it or sell it since it's a good domain name.

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    You can Creat digital Product and make it like sales page for ebook or course
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    It lends itself to be something that teaches people how to make money. Whether that's a product or blog depends on how much effort you want to put in.

    A general 'make money online' blog would be tricky as there are millions of them already. You would have to find a way to stand out from the crowd and be unique with your content.
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      Thank you for the reply.

      This is what I've been thinking as well and I want it to be different than your average blog.

      But that's on my end of course, to figure out something unique.

      It's always good to get some feedback!
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    I really don't want to scrap it or sell it since it's a good domain name.

    Hmmmm....think of it this way Karl; you are afraid to let go a domain name, said name you judge as good because it promises easy income. Which will attract folks expecting easy income. Virtually all of which are desperate (don't have money or time to invest because they need money NOW hehehe) and greedy (want something for nothing) Being honest buddy.....why hold it?

    It feels like you may be unclear on this one; meaning if you dive in, lots of resistance, issues, and problems. I'd let it go and create a domain name you feel passionate about, and clear on. I'm weird though LOL

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      Thank you Ryan.

      These thoughts have crossed my mind too, unfortunately. But it's nice to hear someone else say it too!
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    Interesting dilemma and here are my thoughts:

    1. The word "easier" immediately spurs the question: easier than what?

    So from a very cursory first thought, you're invoking a comparison of your "easier income" to other methods of income. So what product or service or whatever else do you have that is easier income than all the rest of the income methods?

    If you don't have anything ... maybe you ought to either find a product that fits the domain description and license it or become an affiliate for it or sell the domain to someone that actually does have an easier income method.

    2. If you are going to develop the domain to sell an easier income method, what expertise do you have in order to teach easy income? If you're going to create a product on this principle (easy income) wouldn't it be appropriate to have first hand knowledge of the subject?

    3. Think of a way to use the domain as the basis of the subject of people looking for easy income. Here are just a few examples:
    • Easier Income: a book targeted to new IMers about the pros and cons of business models seeking easy income.
    • Easier Income: an online forum where easy income methods are discussed.
    • Easier Income: an expose of the driving force behind professional scammers.
    • Easier Income: my personal journey as I turned my back on the corporate lifestyle for a private office home business.
    • Easier Income: a membership site detailing the best business models that require fewer than 20 hours of work per week.
    Anyway, I hope you get the point of ways you might use EasierIncome as the basis of a business that doesn't sell just one product.

    Good luck to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Thank you for a detailed post.

      Many of these thoughts have gone through my head already, but I do appreciate the various points and ideas.

      I will take this into consideration as I do some research.

      I'm leaning towards creating a journey as you proposed, it's more in tune with who I am as a person.
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        Originally Posted by KarlKarrlander View Post

        I'm leaning towards creating a journey as you proposed, it's more in tune with who I am as a person.

        People looking for a better full time work solution love to read about (and follow) those who open up and document their rise from unhappy everyday worker to profitable business owner - especially if you are an "average Joe."

        Many don't have the courage to turn their back on the "security" of full time employment and are seeking out both verification and motivation that making such a move can be done successfully in their own situation!


        Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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          The only problem with that concept is that I love my job and wouldn't want to quit it anyhow.

          I feel like creating a persona about escaping the corporate life wouldn't feel genuine in my case, and would rub off on the viewers.

          My main goal with creating an online business is to have some extra cash flow for my family (fiance, a kid and another on the way). And IF it takes off I would of course pursue it.

          But to start with, an extra income stream would be nice, and I understand that it takes time and hard work. Better that way in my book, I want a sustainable source of income and not some quick n' dirty survey filling.

          Maybe this idea would work:

          Easier Income: A 'review' site of different money-making methods online, how they work and who they are for (kind of spin to a few of your ideas).

          Thanks again Steve!

          Edit: Plus I enjoy researching and crunching numbers, so it might be a win-win if I get to review a few methods and use some affiliate links for the ones I genuinely enjoy and beginners can read up on a few methods and which one they might want to pursue.
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