How can I market and grow a content/social media platform ?

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I built a platform with some unique features that I believe will greatly help bloggers, content creators or anyone who has some skill/passion they want to share. I am not sure where and how to start the marketing process. Generic advice is to go where the audience is, but I am not entirely sure how to do that.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. (link removed by moderator)
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    You're already doing it, just by being here.

    Add a link to your signature so people can get more from you, if they find your forum contributions valuable.

    There are loads of bloggers and content creators here

    Also get involved with other communities, fb groups, and network with likeminded people who have the audience you want to reach.

    Guest blogging, buying ads space, solo ads, and running retargeting campaigns, all work pretty well.
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      Thanks Michael, Looks like I have lot of work to do here Quick question: is the premium version (or whatever the paid version) of warrior forum helpful for people like me ?
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    So you start with a ring, Lord Sauron......(could not resist hehehe....)

    Create helpful content. Befriend folks who would dig the site, by promoting them, by commenting on their blogs, and by helping them without asking for anything. Some of these folks befriend you over time. Friends join your platform, promote it, and spread the word, marketing it as you market it.

    Each piece of helpful free content is a marketing tool too; nothing like showing what you know, to market yourself and your platform.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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