Saturated market with lots of people vs niche market with much less

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Hello, so this has been debated many times online but I cant decide what to do so I'm hoping to get more personalized input.

So when I wanted to get into internet marketing a year or two back I started a gaming blog. I enjoy the topic and have had lots of fun making content. But I cant just do it for fun, I still need the hopes of making money from it to make it really worth it. My current traffic is still pretty worthless but I could still improve that by making a lot more quality content and doing other things.

But my question is, is gaming just too saturated to have any potential. I know I can never compete with the big names like PcGamer and stuff. But do I really need to? Gaming is so big that even if I could get a very small % of the runoff I could still get decent traffic. My goal was to get traffic from google and have people bump into my affiliate links while browsing the site. In my sites life I have got 1 singular affiliate sale lol. But once again, there could be a lot of improvement if I put in the effort.

So I'm not sure if I should just cut my losses and move on now, or if theres still a lot of potential and I should just put in the effort. I just dont want to dump tons more time and effort into my gaming site if it is just a lost cause and if I knew more about SEO and internet marketing when I started it I probobly would have picked a easier niche.

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    All decent marketers are saturated, but each market has different segments.

    I don't believe anything is saturated so much that you shouldn't enter it.

    Trying to convert cold traffic via your blog into customers might be a tall ask if you're not well known in your niche - it might be an idea to turn the traffic into leads first, and warm them up before pitching.
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      Thanks for the input. My plan if I stay with my site is to try and make a lot more quality content that isnt marketing related. That way my site offers a lot more and people will take it much more seriously, over the just lots of reviews and stuff with affiliate links that just screams "this guy wants to make some money off you".

      The biggest problem is becoming well known. Everyone says to become an authority but doing that in this market sounds virtually impossible. But hopefully if I offer a lot of good content I could still get good enough seo and viewer retention and stuff to at least make a bit off my site and make it worth the effort.
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    You strategy changes based on that. saturated markets like ebay for instance you need to use the numbers game and you don't sell all of your products just some. (Lots and lots of products to dropship at a very good profit). Niching is good but has to be done with to a very targeted audience and that's why it works and must utilize good Internet Marketing like facebook and lower costing high impulse purcahses and free giveaways to drive traffic to your website and get likes and repeat purchases. Different ballgames you see. Just to give you a idea. Your running a blog that is saturated so you need tons of page views. That niche is not good to me anyway. For a blog to work the most easiest without knowing how to drive tons of traffic you will lose. A more targeted niche is better for a blog if you ask me and seems like it would be easier to market. In my opinion with a blog you really must choose the niche very well and targeted is the easiest.
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    It is usually better to focus more on improving your site's quality in terms of the quality of your blogs and trying to give value to your content. Because this will gain more credibility .
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    CB I vibe with Michael's take; no market is genuinely saturated. Or it may appear to be saturated, but if you think abundantly and act creatively, you will have success in the niche.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Folllow the advice that makes you money. I suggest you try both what I suggested and what the others suggested. I am betting it's mine.

    "Insanity is the doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result" ;-)
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    I'd stay away from saturated markets. The barrier to entry is just too freaking high these days.

    Just find a small obscure nano niche and completely dominate it.
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