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Im trying to sell a lodge and a small restaurant in a heavily trafficked area in coastal alaska, each business comes with a 180 degree view of sea, mountains and glaciers. What are the best reasonably priced sites that give the best exposure?
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    The most effective platform I can think of is Facebook. And that includes a lot of sectors beside real estate. I was curious and entered ' facebook real estate ads' in Google. I think you'll find the results very useful.
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    Without knowing more, I'd suggest talking to a business broker.
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    There is a subtle difference that you need to be aware of.

    Sites with the "most exposure" are probably not the best places for you to advertise your lodge and restaurant for sale. They do not give you exposure to targeted traffic like others can.

    How many people on Facebook or other popular sites go there with the intent to find a business in Alaska they want to purchase? Maybe a few ... very, very few, IMO ... would be intrigued by the idea enough to give you a serious inquiry.

    Instead, I would want to put my "for sale" sign up at a venue that targets people with money who are looking to purchase income-related properties. And if your advertising can be "filtered" to buyers for Alaska properties, so much the better.

    Will you have to pay more for such leads? Most likely. But personally, I would rather pay 10 times more for a very targeted "warm" prospect that was seriously interested in exactly what I was selling, than lots of leads from people that have neither the means nor intention to be serious about the offer. Targeting is everything in online marketing.

    The vast majority of people on social media are there for socializing with others (not looking for places to spend many thousands of dollars).

    Even though your property for sale will get lots of exposure on social media . . . it is not exposure that you need. You are looking to target just one ready, willing, and able buyer interested in your property. That's all that's needed - just one buyer.

    Do your homework and look for sites that cater to people looking to purchase income property preferably in Alaska. Such sites do exist.

    The best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Google Ads for Display in blogs which talks about real estate, alaska etc.


    they have also cheap clicks
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    The best choice to sell your Lodge Restaurant would be will display it nationally, also locally contact the biggest real-estate company in Alaska and see what they can offer.
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