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Good day everyone.

I'm having a problem with my conversions for my free guide

I run my ads on a 24 hour schedule. During midnight, i see conversions as good as 40-45% if i'm lucky. But during the day, i hardly see any conversions

I still get clicks to my landing page as a matter of fact. cheaper clicks during the day.. but little to no conversions

Please is this normal?.. is there any mindset behind people submitting their emails more readily during midnight than during the day?

And how can i fix the problem so that i can get better conversions during the day

Your advice and criticisms are highly welcomed
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    Originally Posted by kingspark View Post

    And how can i fix the problem so that i can get better conversions during the day
    When it's noon in one location, it's midnight somewhere else. What are you using as a point of reference?

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      Hello sir ... thanks for the respomse.

      I'm using the local time of the target location. I'm targeting USA.. tracking from my autorresponder analytics, the conversions occur around noon in the time of the target location
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    I believe, cheap clicks and time difference actually points to location difference. Did you set right location? If not, try to be as specific as possible. This might increase conversion.
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      hello hanandaner.

      Yes i made sure i set the right location. thanks for the response
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    Originally Posted by kingspark View Post

    I run my ads on a 24 hour schedule.

    If you run your ads on a 24 hour basis, and your conversions are low, I would say you have an offer problem - not a time schedule problem. As with any ad, start on a small budget, test, track, and tweak to optimize your conversions, then repeat until you are profitable. If you can't give away a free guide, you know that something is wrong with your offer or you are not talking to the right targeted audience.


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    Does retail track sales by the time of day?

    And the answer is Yes. Now why would they do that? Maybe time is a variable. Maybe most folks are less likely to buy something when they are on the job than when they are off the clock. Maybe tracking conversions based on time is a good idea. Maybe you can then use that as part of your strategy.

    See, just because a worker has their phone out ... and scans a page while they should be working ... doesn't mean they are actually going to take an action while they are doing that.

    Have you ever seen an employee quickly put their phone back in their pocket because the boss was coming?

    Of course.

    Happens all the time.

    For most stuff ... you want to reach the consumer while they are at home.

    B2B is a little different. You can make sales while they are on the clock because work related purchasing is part of the job.

    Time is most certainly a conversion variable.
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