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Do you think that using bots is a good idea when you promote?
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    From what I can see, some bots could (almost) rival email funnels when they're used properly.

    I think it's a fine line though, between something that feels helpful and something that just feels fake.

    When marketers write bots to have full conversations in order to get data, it can get a bit weird.
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    Originally Posted by vasskachk View Post

    Do you think that using bots is a good idea when you promote?

    Look at the question from the prospect's viewpoint, i.e. you audience. Do you want marketing and promotion aimed at you to come from a bot or a helpful caring human?

    Keep the desires and wishes of your audience always first in your mind.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Give me an example of a marketing bot. @zeus136
      An Example of a marketing bot.


      Lets just use the example that you have a Messenger Bot Course you're wanting to sell. But it could be anything. Im just using that example because I think it is cool to be able to explain how you can market your Bot course, With a bot.

      Step 1. Run a facebook campaign using the messenger ad.

      Step 2. Have you ad focused on getting people interested in learning how to build the top 3 (more or less) bots to grow their business.

      In your ad copy ask people to comment if they are interested in learning how to build the top 3 bots.

      Step 3. build a simple Bot that is triggered to send a message to each person first teer comment.

      Example. When a person comments " yeah I want to learn" they are sent a message that says "Hey! Thanks for showing interest in learning how to build 3 of the best bots to help you grow your business....
      ...Are you ready to get started?

      You will add 2 quick replies for them to choose from, the first being Yes, the second being no.

      The people that reply yes, will receive an immediate message saying " Great, I don't want to over welm you with info overload, so over the next 3 days, you will be receiving a how to video for 1 bot a day for 3 day via messenger. Is that cool?

      have a button they can click that says yes.

      Step 4 When they click that button that says yes, they will automattically be put into a sequence you already have built out with the training on how to build the 3 bots. (Same excact process of an autoresponder but it's being done threw messenger) You just dripping them content and building trust and keeping them engaged

      Step 5. After they have finished the 3 video, you send out a broadcast message to everyone who watched the videos and you ask them if they are interested in learning how they can use what they learned in the last 3 days to take their business to the next level and you pitch them on your "Bot Building Course"

      I hope that all makes sense. I tried to keep it a short as possible. but this process is VERY easy to do and WORKS! Messenger open rates are 80-95% and ctr are 25+%
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    People and their thinking change over time. So it is obvious in some point a human interaction is much more appropriate to close a deal or sell a service or product. I believe a bot might help you to reduce some work load but it can not be a 100% solution.

    I personally hate to be a victim of a boat instead of a human interaction. I also believe most of the people will do the same. So if your bot can think like a human being? Probably not. So I will not waste my time that already give me a impression of being failed.

    On the contrary, in IM you never know the result unless you check it. So if it is worth of your time and money, go get that and check the result. Learn from your mistakes and repeat your success. Quite simple right?

    Sabbir H
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    Personalizing chats rocks V. Still far and away the best way to grow business. Bots may take over down the road,but until Skynet, I am chatting people up via my meat suit.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Bots are granted artificial intelligence and can only be effective at a certain standpoint. It can answer standard questions and FAQs but it can never go as far as where ideas flow freely. It could work, yes but only up to a limited degree.
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  • I guess you can use bots to automate some parts of the process. Like for following up or thanking the people on your list for buying or subscribing.
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    Would you do business with this guy? Some of you might say yes but most people won't:

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    sometimes it's good when specially you have no time to promote your ig page.
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    Of course. In modern marketing a lot of people use bots.
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