NEWBIE TIP: How to maximize all your how-to books, eBooks and WSOs

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Hi Newbie Warrior . . .

I just wanted to share a practice I learned a few years ago (while in a different business) that continues to help me today.

If you are like most newbies, you have purchased a few books, eBooks and or WSOs that tell you how to succeed in Internet Marketing. In fact, you may have several in your possession right now! If you are like MOST people (90% of those who buy how-to products) you still have not implimented the strategies!

Here is a simple, easy and yet very powerful tip to help you use that information so that it can make a difference in your life. Don't miss this . . . it might seem too basic . . . but it is powerful.

While you are reading and learning . . . make a list of just THREE actions steps you will take that you discovered in the material. Make sure to write the list down on paper (not in your computer where it can just add to the other many forgotten files on your harddrive). And don't come up with more than THREE. Okay, maybe five would be okay. But if you get too many -- you will likely not do them. That's why is so important to just have a few.

Then do the THREE action steps. DO! TAKE ACTION! START!

After you've completed these three action steps, you might want to go back to the how-to product, read and learn more, and repeat the process.

Studies show that 90% of buyers of self-help and how-to materials NEVER take action. That's why this simple, little and easy step is so effective. It gets you started.

I hope you realize the success I've had by using this strategy. Give it a go the next time you read one of your how-to books, eBooks, reports or WSOs and discover the power for yourself!
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    Thanks Susan for sharing. Great tip!
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  • Profile picture of the author Greg Cooksley
    Hey Susan,

    In itself, that is fantastic advice for anyone, newbie or seasoned

    It provides a simple yet proactive way of taking action, which
    is the biggest stumbling block in my view. Fits in with an often
    mentioned sales mantra - KISS - Keep It Simple Salesman (or Stupid,
    whichever fits)

    Definitely making notes on this one....


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  • Profile picture of the author SusanUSA
    This truly is one of the great little gem tips any Warrior can use . . . I also do this when I listen to a lecture or a video. Very powerful. Once you get this as a habit . . . amazing results take place.

    Be well!
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