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by jcole
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Hello, looking to get some advice here about generating leads.

services that I'll be offering on the site
1. Merchant Processing
2. Business Loans

Website is not created yet as sometimes you create a website and your marketer tells you he/she needs to make changes.
I need to create inbound leads either calls or filling the contact form on the site.

there are so many ways to do this and this is what really making me over think, first this is a very competitive industry people are spending any where from 50k-100k / month on their marketing. I have thought may be i should not pursue this as this is to saturated but if we stop doing things that we think is saturated not sure what will be left.

so far I have identified these avenues
FB, Adwords, social media, seo.
Paid marketing is pretty expensive in this field but yields leads right away,
SEO takes time but no one really knows if its actually working.

talked to couple of marketing companies and i am more confused then before, as some are only focused on paid marketing some on organic but neither feel confident about this niche.

I am not a marketer but came across this site searching for marketing, I don't have 50k/ month to spend so should i just stop wasting time and look at something else. Or if i chose to proceed what would be a good marketing plan.

This is mainly B2B

Looking for some marketing guidance to generate leads.

thank you
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    What you're looking at has been done many times before.

    Find a similar site and run a similarweb check on them. There are other tools you can use to see what kind of tech they are using on their sites.

    Talk to user:TheBigBee

    Do some searching with the Search feature and his user name.

    He's done a lot in this area and has a book about it.

    Affiliate networks like MaxBounty have offers in this area. Investigate them as well to learn more.

    Every business needs two things: Traffic and Conversion. Set something up, get SOMETHING up and running, so you can start to collect data. It's good you've self-identified that you're in Analysis understand it's a self-imposed limitation, and you can decide to move on from it. There are no sure things, no magic bullets. You have to jump in, get involved, and start learning.
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      thank you much appreciated will look into this bigbee user

      that is my eventual goal, any recommendations on seo higher someone from upwork or...

      thank you Steve, but you forgot the line a little further

      "talked to couple of marketing companies and i am more confused then before, as some are only focused on paid marketing some on organic but neither feel confident about this niche"

      I am not trying to do this myself, it will be a marketing company or different people doing different part. but doing reverse research on most of these companies they are spending easily 100k/ month.

      but there has to be a way to start small or somewhere
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      Checked with Maxbounty they no longer doing b2b, not sure if the agent didn't know what he was talking about but please let me know if you know other affiliate network who can offer something like maxbounty
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    if you do not consider seo as the method to generate leads than you have everything to lose.
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    Follow Jason's advice for practical marketing tips. As for my tip: face, embrace and release fears fueling your analysis paralysis. Fear fuels your state, and feeling and clearing it gives you clarity in finding and following simple marketing methods persistently.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Do a "ghetto test":

    i mean, build up a squeeze page, with leadpages, so you don't have to disturb your marketer.

    And build up a campaign with facebook ads, advertising a pre-qualify manner to have a early bird discount to a business loans or whatsoever in exchange for their mail for booking it, and then see how it performs with 20-50 bucks a day.

    I suggest also to use Google Adwords for DISPLAY in blogs etc, related to your niche, as it can be more focused on your targeted audience.
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    Originally Posted by jcole View Post

    I need to create inbound leads either calls or filling the contact form on the site . . . people are spending any where from 50k-100k / month on their marketing.

    If, as a newbie marketer, you're going to be going head-to-head with marketers spending $100,000/month on promotion . . . I strongly suggest you choose a different market segment. Have you considered "niching" down deeply into the marketplace for some territory that is not so competitive and where a new marketer can get a foothold?

    You mentioned: "This is mainly B2B." Do you know anything about business to business marketing?

    Originally Posted by jcole View Post

    I am not a marketer

    Which begs the question: why did you choose marketing? Why don't you go into something where you already have some experience, knowledge, expertise, and ability to help people and "hit the ground running?"

    Certainly, anyone can learn to become a marketer. But your description of your approach to this competitive field sounds like a disaster to me.

    Nothing personal, mind you. But I don't think you have an accurate picture of the reality of marketing as a business.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Hi jcole,
    Correct me if I am wrong, but what it sounds like you are wanting to build a site with a contact form asking for the visitor's name, address, phone, email, etc - The same type of websites that service contractors like plumbers, real estate agents, and mortgage lenders use to collect and follow up with leads.

    It might be possible to accomplish this using WordPress and a particular theme, or the combination of a theme and a plugin like Fast Secure Contact Form.

    WordPress is fairly simple to learn and use, and has lots of options that make it possible to build a nice looking site with some great features, without the expense of a web designer.

    Don't overthink it. Put up a site with a great theme that has some built-in SEO (most quality WordPress themes should have this included - and what you put in the title, site description, etc, should help you rank fairly high for the right targeted keywords; you can also use additional SEO plugins that will help), use your own additional marketing techniques, and start collecting those leads
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    Since it's mainly B2B Then you should implement some advance methodologies like Gated Content. These are the online materials like Magazine, PDFs or videos related to your product or services which can only be accessed by the user once they fill the form by providing the details like username, email address or phone number.
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  • As I understand, it is a very saturated market and you've already took some time to understand how your competitors are going about their marketing strategy (and, apparently, spending at least 50k a month with it).
    If you intend to work with an agency, surely they will go about it the usual way when it comes to B2B - SEO (and there are definitely ways you can measure this in terms of traffic), social media and paid ads. What I suggest you do in order to try and differentiate yourself from other players in this field is content - maybe think about starting a webinar on advice for your potential customers or writing articles about it.
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