What is the best way to advertise a dropshipping store?

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Hello everyone,

I recently started a dropshipping store for dashboard cameras. I think the store looks good (to me anyway) and have ordered some products to test shipping etc...

But what is the best way to advertise it on a small budget?

I have tried Facebook ads with no success and a Youtube influencer who has yet to come through, but I am open to other ideas especially other peoples experiences who have successfully ran an online store...

Thank you!
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    You've set up a store and added products to it. Sad to say, that's the easy part. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like you've spent much time on figuring out the main obstacle... Actually connecting with your target market and generating sales. A few questions off the top of my head...

    - Why'd you go into this niche?
    - Where does your target market 'hang out'?
    - Where is the opportunity within the niche?
    - How are your profit margins?
    - How do your prices compare to competitors?
    - What differentiates you from competitors. Or why would someone buy from you if they can get the same thing on Amazon or elsewhere?

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    when you start to sale something that always think link user/client.
    Why choose user the specific company?
    Competitive Price
    Competition of your keywords
    Social media will not help you to generate the sales, its help you make spread your company name ( not brand)
    Check on page, product description
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    Once you have answered the above questions from Gambino seek influencers on Instagram that align with your lifestyle message.
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    You need to work on optimizing your fb ads. People go to fb to socialize and kill time, not to buy stuff. Focus on getting engagements instead (by using viral/shareable content). Having an fb page is an absolute must. Once you have enough likes on your page, you can decrease your budget or stop promoting altogether as it will grow organically.
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    I have tried FB ads like boosting products and it is very costly, I have been boosting a single product each time, then I decided to boost a series of products like around 10-15 which became cost effective
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