Where Do You Start When You Want To Find A Business Partner?

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Hi Warriors - Here's my question:

Short, simple and straight to the point:

Where Do You Start When You Want To Find A Business Partner?

Any suggestions?

:-) Beaumont
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    I roll over in bed and open my eyes! Seriously, after trying many partnerships, I realize that it always get too complicated and the best way is for me to outsource to get the help I need.
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    If at all possible try to get involved in local networking events.

    Meet, socialize and get to know people. Nothing beats looking a person in the eye and shaking their hand. Not that it's infallible. The best con-men (con-persons?) are affable, personable and convincing.

    Networking has the advantage of seeing if you and someone else have--at least initially--compatible personalities.

    Discussing business--where you're each at and where you want go--is critical.

    Even more important may be you and your potential partners view on "how we're going to get there."

    Look for a person with complimentary skills. Find someone with skills and/or abilities you either don't have or haven't developed--and vice versa.

    Go slow! Play around with ideas. Do a small thing or two together before trying to jump over the moon.

    Rely on your gut. If something doesn't feel right don't do it!


    PS. Fortunately I have a great business partner. And, yes, we did meet at a networking function. We've been working together for several months without a hitch.
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    Where Do You Start When You Want To Find A Business Partner?

    If you need help try outsourcing first. Most people, but not all, will be much better off.

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    I don't have a clue. I would like a business partner myself because I have plans and ideas I'd like a partner to work with, but I really don't know how they find each other. I decided I can't find one because I don't know the first thing about how potential business partners meet up.

    Well maybe this thread will give someone a niche idea. Questions that need answers, problems that need solved, people that ask for help give ideas for new niches.

    siggy taking a break...

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    Change your mindset a little and get into crowdsourcing and joint ventures...

    Interesting opportunities and possibilities...
    Crowdsourcing Directory ? The Revolutionary Power of Crowds

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      The first question I ask when condidering a partner is "What do I need you for?"
      If I can hires someone or outsorce it I do that first. I hate to give up equity and only did it twice and still regret it.
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    The first partner I had was someone more successful than me that had knowledge but not enough time so he needed me to do the work to his site that he told me how to do... that turned out very great for me.

    The second partner just started as a friend. We met at a conference and started emailing and giving each other advice... then we decided that we both had a lot to bring to the table and could do some great stuff if we worked together, so it went from there.

    The key is to find someone that you trust with everything you have. There are other things such as making sure they are not lazy and stuff but trust is key.
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      I personally like the idea of a JV partner better. It's a shorter term relationship, for one project. If it works out, then you can do more projects. It's kind of like dating before you get married.



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    The person you go into business with will not be the same as the person who leaves the business with you.

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